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Welcome to Avonvale Veterinary Centres

We have been caring for family pets for over 35 years, with fully equipped surgeries in Warwick, Southam, Kenilworth, Wellesbourne and now Stratford Upon Avon.

Each surgery is staffed with a team of caring, dedicated vets and nurses who are available throughout the day to deal with all your pets’ health needs. We practice at the highest standard of veterinary clinical and surgical excellence and are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. We have our own Small Animal Veterinary Hospital in Warwick, where we offer our 24 hour emergency service.

We like to get to know our clients and their animals and treat every pet as an individual. You will see our surgeries and many of our team here on our website and if you would like more pet care information you are very welcome to call us for an informal chat.

diane goddard  

Diane Goddard

Practice Manager

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Is your pet terrified of fireworks?...we can help

Call your surgery for advice.


Healthy Pet Club from January 2013


   Pet ClubPLUS

          Budget monthly

      and save money

      on your routine

      pet care.










Pet ClubPLUS allows you to spread the cost of your pet’s routine health care through the year with 12 easy and affordable payments.






       Your monthly Pet ClubPLUS membership includes:



An annual physical examination and health check with your vet.


Annual Booster Vaccination

 Dogs – Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Coronavirus

          Cats – Feline Enteritis, Feline Flu, Leukaemia and Chlamydia


A 6 month Well Pet Health Check

with your vet to keep your pet in tip top health.

12 months of flea, worm and parasite prevention

Convenient monthly spot-on treatments and tasty tablets for year round control of fleas, roundworm, tapeworm, heartworm, lungworm, ear mites and sarcoptic mange.



PLUS 5% OFF every consultation fee

     (includes all examinations, nail clips, emptying anal glands, Hydrotherapy  & Acupuncture)

whenever you see your Avonvale Vet or Nurse.



























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