jasmineAt 16 ½ years old, Toy poodle Jasmine is one of our oldest and smallest patients to receive regular hydrotherapy sessions at our Wellesbourne surgery.

Jasmine has been receiving treatment since October 2015, after it was confirmed with x-rays that she had osteoarthritis in her right elbow.

Unfortunately for Jasmine the medical treatment often used to alleviate the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis upsets her tummy.

Hydrotherapy is a great alternative in these circumstances as the warm water acts a natural anti-inflammatory and can help reduce pain.

The sessions have really helped Jasmine and made a big difference to her general well being.

taraTara is an 8-year-old Labrador retriever that has been a regular visitor to our hydrotherapy unit for 4 years now.

Tara has bilateral hip dysplasia, and was referred to us by her vets at one of our neighbouring practices, Heathcote Veterinary Centre, in the hope that it would alleviate the symptoms associated with the condition.

Hydrotherapy treatment alongside medical management has made a big difference to Tara’s mobility and well-being, which is why her owners continue to bring her once a month.

She enjoys her sessions a great deal as you can tell from the picture.

Meet Roly a 12yr old Cocker Spaniel who has been having hydrotherapy treatment at the Wellesbourne branch to help with weakness and restriction in his hips and hind legs caused by osteoarthritis.

Roly has a lovely cheeky character and really enjoys his fortnightly hydrotherapy sessions, not to mention all the treats and fuss! Hydrotherapy is a good way of alleviating the symptoms osteoarthritis causes.

It can help maintain muscle mass and increases stamina which Roly has in abundance after his sessions. Roly will continue with maintenance sessions to keep him in tip top condition.

roly1     roly2

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Harvey is an 8 year old crossbreed who has been receiving hydrotherapy treatment since October 2014.  

To date he has had over 60 sessions to maintain the joint stability in his hind legs after being diagnosed with bilateral cruciate disease and osteoarthritis in his right hip.

Without this conservative treatment and management, Harvey may have required surgery to correct the weakness in his back legs.

Both Harvey and his mate Ted who comes along to watch, look forward to the sessions; however where Ted is concerned this is more down to the amount of treats that Helen the hydro nurse gives him.

It sure looks like that from the cheeky smirk on his face.

                       harvey1      harvey2