To book an appointment or to access one of our services, please contact us. To reduce the spread of COVID-19 and maintain social distancing, the practice team will take your pet inside and provide you with updates via phone. Please click here to find out more.

IIE WT Bronze 2 1Avonvale Veterinary Centres acknowledges that operations affect the environment in many ways. As such, are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance with our services and operations.

Download our Environmental Policy Document here (PDF)

Avonvale is proud to be working towards their Bronze accreditation from Investors in the Environment (iiE).

We have identified the following key environmental aspects that contribute to our carbon footprint:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Other fuels sources, including oil for generators
  • Fleet diesel and mileage claims
  • Domestic and healthcare waste
  • Anaesthetic agents

The introduction and implementation of the Environmental Policy is a commitment of Avonvale’s management and shared responsibility with our Associates. Kate Webb is the Sustainability Champion and has designated responsibility for the day-to-day implementation of this policy.

As part of Avonvale’s overall environment management planned, the policy will be reviewed annually.

Signed: Kate Webb
Position: Group Practice Manager, Avonvale Veterinary Manager
Contact details for sustainability enquiries: Ellie West, Clinical Veterinary Anaesthetist (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Amendment/Cancellation Policy:

To avoid the unnecessary suffering of other pets who need to be seen, we kindly request you advise us at your earliest convenience if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment time. Any cancellation/amendment within 3 hours of your scheduled appointment will need to be made by calling us.

Should you have any problems or need to contact us, please email or call us during working hours.

hiddden disabilities schemeAvonvale proudly supports the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme because we recognise that not all disabilities and health problems are visible.

There are many disabilities that can’t be seen such as autism, chronic pain, heart disease, hearing loss and mental illness.

If you’d like any extra help, support or time when you visit us with your pet, please let us know.

We have a box of sunflower lanyards and wristbands on our reception desks which you can choose to wear during your visit. By wearing a lanyard or wristband you’re indicating to us you’d like extra support.

Our staff members are fully aware of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard scheme and will ask how we can support you during your visit to Avonvale.

To help you plan your visit, please click on the links below to view a visual guide of each of our surgeries (PDF).


If you choose not to wear a lanyard or wristband but would like extra support, please let any of our staff members know how we can help you.

Our Video Consultation Service uses technology to allow our veterinary team to assist you when we’re not able to provide care and treatment in the surgery - which is particularly important during the current COVID-19 situation.

Using a technology platform called Microsoft Teams, our vets can give you general advice, help monitor and update treatment for pets already under our care. In certain circumstances, we may be able to provide veterinary attention to new cases, where no other more suitable arrangements can be made.

Please contact our reception team and we can provide more detail about the service and discuss the best way forward for you and your pet.

  • Get advice without visiting the practice
  • Same cost as a standard consultation
  • Call our practice and we’ll discuss the most appropriate way to manage your request

How does it work?

  1. Please call the practice. Our receptionist will take some information from you and decide what is the best way to manage your request.
  2. A further telephone triage appointment may be required in order to determine if a video consultation is appropriate.
  3. For a video consultation, we will arrange a time with you and send an email to confirm the details, the cost for the appointment (which is the same as a standard consultation) and our privacy policy.
  4. Please email back to the practice and confirm you are happy to progress with the consultation.
  5. Once you have confirmed, the practice will email back with the time of the appointment, the vet who will run the consult and the link to follow for the video consultation.
  6. Download the Microsoft Teams app. The appointment will then take place as planned as a video consultation with an appropriate member of our Practice team who will have access to your pet’s notes, we already have available in our practice.

Following professional guidance from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS)

Vets work under professional guidance from the RCVS and the Medicines Act; this restricts what can be carried out remotely to diagnose and treat your pet when they are unwell.

Currently, in the circumstances of the coronavirus outbreak, the RCVS has introduced temporary permission to remotely prescribe medicines where it is appropriate and no reasonable alternative is available, such as when an owner must remain isolated at home or treating a pet in practice is not practical.

Under these circumstances a video consultation might be appropriate. In the first instance, please call the practice and we will discuss the best way to manage your request.

Video Consultation Service terms and conditions

  1. Our vets will be able to give general advice, help monitor and update treatment for pets already under our care. We may be able to provide veterinary attention to new cases where no other more suitable arrangements can reasonably be made. Depending on the individual circumstance of any request – the final decision to conduct a video consultation will be made by the practice.
  2. The Video Consultation Service can only be booked once our veterinary team agree it is appropriate to do so. In the first instance you must call the practice, where the options available will be discussed with you. Any agreed video consultation must be pre-booked and is subject to availability.
  3. Fees will be charged in line with our standard consultation fee. Payment will be taken prior to the video consultation appointment with receipts sent via email or post. Payment for any further treatments or medication will be taken after the consultation. You will need to call the practice to agree how medication can be obtained (if posted, an additional delivery charge will apply – depending on the delivery service requested).
  4. The video consultation will take place using the technology platform Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams app must be downloaded and installed prior to the consultation. Please note that use of the app is subject to your agreement to Microsoft’s terms and conditions. This app is currently free of charge (as of 23.03.20) – however please consult your app provider for the costs at the time of download. You will be responsible for all costs charged by your network provider relating to the use of this service.
  5. Use of this Video Consultation Service will be subject to our privacy policy which can be found here.
    In addition, our standard terms and conditions will apply. They can be found here.

We are excited to announce our major development to our Warwick hospital including a new procedures room and our brand-new 16 slice, GE Revolution CT installation. We are one of only a few Small Animal Veterinary Hospitals in the UK to benefit from having a CT scanner on site.

ctscanner nov2018

How does it work?

CT examination provides us with cross-sectional and 3-dimensional images of some of the more complex problems our pets face. It uses a motorised x-ray source that rapidly rotates around the circular opening of a donut-shaped structure called a gantry to take multiple sliced images of the area required. Our CT machine employs the very latest advanced imaging technology and the first of its kind in a primary care veterinary surgery in Warwickshire.

Advantages of using a CT

CT imaging enables a more rapid and precise diagnosis which in turn will provide quicker treatment to your pets. In addition, our procedure room is a fully functional operating theatre equipped with both video endoscopy and diagnostic ultrasound. With these new additions, the combination of our diagnostic services and our highly trained team makes Avonvale Hospital Warwick a leader in veterinary diagnosis and treatment across our region.

ctscanner nov2018 small              ctscanner nov2018 small2

Common conditions that may benefit from CT scanning:

  • Elbow and joint assessments
  • Spinal disease including lumbosacral disease
  • Nasal and airway disease
  • Pulmonary and mediastinal disease
  • Peri-ocular disease
  • Middle ear disease
  • Some musculoskeletal problems
  • Abdominal and thoracic neoplasia including metastatic disease diagnosis
  • Lung and chest problems
  • Porto-systemic shunts
  • Complex fracture assessments

For more information about our CT scanner or any other of our diagnostic equipment please contact our clinical staff on 01926 400255 who will be more than happy to help you, or alternatively please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.