A lovely thank you from Bono

We first saw Bono a few months ago as he had blood in his urine and was struggling to empty his bladder.  Initially we thought he might be suffering from a bladder infection but when he did not respond to treatment we decided to investigate further.

An ultrasound scan revealed that Bono had a large lump in his bladder.  We were all very worried as some bladder tumours  can spread and be difficult to treat.  Luckily for Bono the lump was in a part of the bladder that we could remove without affecting the bladder’s normal function.

We removed the tumour and sent it away for analysis, which revealed that it was a less aggressive type of tumour that is much less likely to spread to other parts of his body. As it appeared that we had managed to remove it all, we were hopeful that it wouldn’t grow back.



3 months on Bono is doing really well, although we are still keeping an eye on him.  Bono and his family were so pleased they commissioned a fantastic chocolate cake to thank the team at Wellesbourne- who thoroughly enjoyed eating it!

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