Beware grass seeds!


grass seeds

We have started to see the first grass seed problems of the season.


crocodile forceps

The commonest sites for seeds to lodge are the feet, ears, and eyes. Each seed is arrow shaped and has sharp barbs which make the seed lodge in the fur then migrate through the  skin and into deeper body tissues over time. There have been cases of these seeds migrating as far as the chest or spine!

Treatment of grass seeds, particularly in feet, can be very time consuming and costly. We have to explore the wound under general anaesthetic, using crocodile forceps to try and find the seed. Crocodile forceps are also used to grab grass seeds which have lodged down dog’s ears.



Bertie here had a grass seed stuck in his eye. He had spent a lively Sunday morning on the livery yard, but returned home rubbing his right eye. He came straight down to the Warwick Hospital where Mark and Emily applied some local anaesthetic and removed the seed. If it had been left in, the seed could have caused a lot of damage to the surface of his eye.

Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid seeds causing a problem for your dog:

  • Be sure to check your dog’s fur after a walk, especially around the feet and ears.
  • Keep the feathery fur between the toes trimmed short to help avoid seeds becoming snagged.
  • If you notice any telltale signs after a walk, give us a call straight away- the sooner we see you the easier it is to remove the seed, sometimes avoiding surgery altogether.


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