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Chloe’s sore throat

Chloe's sore throat


This is Gorgeous Chloe who was seen at our Kenilworth surgery last month. Her owners had noticed that Chloe had suddenly started retching and swallowing and seemed in discomfort.

Kenilworth vet Sophie examined Chloe and was suspicious that some thing had got caught in her throat which she wasn’t able to clear herself. Chloe was given an anaesthetic the same day and a blade of grass about 10cm long was found at the back of her throat. This was easily removed using long forceps, and thankfully no other damage had been caused.Blade of grass that Chloe had swallowed

Once Chloe woke up from her anaesthetic she was immediately more comfortable and was no longer retching. She is now happy and well at home and feeling a lot better after her ordeal.


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Physiotherapy for Animals

Avonvale Veterinary Centres offer a well-equipped and comprehensive physiotherapy service for your pets.

Poppy Carroll, our Registered Veterinary Nurse has been with Avonvale since 2010 and has since qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist. Poppy is a fully insured small animal physiotherapist who is registered with ASSVAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy).

We recognise that a multimodal approach is imperative when it comes to patient care. There are many benefits to physiotherapy and when we combine this knowledge with veterinary care and hydrotherapy we can make our patients stronger, happier and healthier.Physiotherapy for Animals

Recognising the need for physiotherapy

Animals, just like people can suffer sprains and strains, and have bad backs, sore hips, aches and pains. To keep them comfortable physiotherapy could be a treatment option.

For your pet to receive physiotherapy, a referral will need to be done by the treating veterinary surgeon.

Veterinary physiotherapy can help with the management of:

  • Arthritis
  • Rehabilitation before and after orthopaedic surgery
  • Soft tissue injuries- tendon, ligament or muscular
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Angular limb deformities
  • Weight managementPhysiotherapy for Animals

The following signs may indicate the need for an appointment:

  • Struggling to get up or showing stiffness or weakness
  • Overweight
  • Limping
  • Reluctance to play or less enthusiasm to get moving
  • Painful or swollen joints
  • Licking their joints
  • Slowing down on walks

What to expect when you come for an appointment

Your appointment will need to be made at our Kenilworth practice. This will include an assessment and will reflect the veterinary surgeon’s recommendation. Following on from the assessment manual therapy, laser, ultrasound, muscle stimulation and/ or exercises will be chosen on an individual plan tailored to your animal’s needs. There will be padded floor mats and bedding available to ensure your pet is comfortable during the appointment.

The treatments chosen will be dependent on your pet’s response and this will also determine the number of treatments needed. This will be discussed with you during your appointment.Physiotherapy for Animals

Treatments that may be included:

  • Manual techniques for joints and soft tissues
  • Proprioception and balance exercises
  • Ultrasound
  • Laser
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
  • Tailored treatment and exercise plan for your animal- this includes fun animal gym equipment!

After your pet’s treatment

Your animal may drink more water than normal after their treatment and may be lethargic so an easy afternoon with a gentle walk and perhaps a nap or two will be adequate.
Physiotherapy for Animals

If you feel that physiotherapy may be an option for your pet, Poppy or your Veterinary Surgeon will be more than happy to talk things through with you.

To make an appointment please call the Kenilworth surgery on 01926 854181



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Petplan Vet Awards

Avonvale's nomination for the Practice of the Year award at the Veterinary Awards 2017We are very pleased to announce that we have received lots of nominations for the Petplan awards this year. Our Kenilworth, Stratford, Southam and Wellesbourne surgeries have all been nominated for “Practice of the Year”. Vets Kieran, Sophie, Penny B, Deborah and Becky have each been nominated for “Vet of the Year”. Maddi, Michelle and Anna H have been nominated for “Vet Nurse of the Year.” Jodie and Nicole were both nominated for the “Support Staff of the Year” and Liz K has been nominated for “Receptionist of the Year.”

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who nominated us.

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Blossom’s back in the pin-k

Blossom’s owners brought her in to our Kenilworth surgery recently after seeing her swallow a drawing pin.


Vet Kieran was concerned that the pin could damage Blossom’s intestine and could cause complications so he needed to remove the pin as soon as possible.



Kieran gave Blossom an injection to make her sick and hopefully bring the pin up.


Unfortunately Blossom only brought up part of the plastic end of the drawing pin, and an X-ray showed the rest of the pin still sitting in her stomach (arrowed).




Blossom had surgery the same day to remove the pin and ensure that it didn’t result in serious complications.


After a short stay in our Warwick hospital to ensure she was eating and not in any pain, Blossom went home and is back to her normal self. She is doing really well, but her owners say they’re keeping all pins out of reach!

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A happy ending for Sox

Handsome Sox has been having chemotherapy since March last year to treat a nasal tumour. He has been a pleasure to treat and we are all so happy to see him doing so well.

Sox’s owner sent us this lovely email about his story.

“To all the lovely people at Avonvale Vets in Kenilworth who quite literally saved the life of Sox I just wanted to say a great big “thank you!”.

I would be delighted if you want to share his story with your colleagues and the families of your patients because we do have a happy ending – I hope.

For the benefit of those who do not know the whole story, Sox had been having a runny left eye for some months during the end of 2013 which was thought to be a possible allergy but nothing of note. In February 2014 he began to have breathing difficulties which was originally thought to be an upper respiratory infection.

After a couple of bouts of antibiotics it soon became clear that the problem was something a great deal more serious and an x-ray revealed a “mass” in his sinus. He was referred to an oncologist at The Willows in Solihull who scanned him and gave us the unwelcome news that he had a large lymphoma in his left sinus which reached from just inside his nostril right up past his ear. He had, by this time lost loads of weight and was gasping for breath.

The good news was that as long as the lymphoma was restricted to his sinus it stood a good chance of responding well to treatment. An ultrasound confirmed that it had not spread so he had his first chemotherapy almost immediately with incredible results. He was able to breath better straight away but there was to be a long road ahead. Sox endured more chemo; first at weekly intervals at the Willows and then 3 weekly in Kenilworth. Only after about 10 months did it drop to monthly and now, after a year of treatment he is certainly in remission.

He lost a lot of his fur and his whiskers and he did not want to eat or do much. But, with the help of the Avonvale team he certainly coped well with the chemo and accepted having a line put in without resorting to anaesthetic or even tranquillizers.

At 10 years old he is in his prime and should have many years left now and I am so grateful for the treatment he has had – and that I took out a good insurance policy! As you can see, he is not as fluffy as he used to be, nor as substantial, but he is getting there.

Looking at the (rather poor) photo in December you can see that he lost a lot of his fur and over 30% of his body weight, but from the picture taken this week it is clear that since he finished chemo 3 months ago he is getting there and I want to say a very big thank you to all who have worked so hard to save him.”

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Gigi’s Sore Legs


One Sunday Gigi’s owner noticed that she was walking strangely on her back legs and looked very flat footed. She was brought in to our emergency clinic to see Kieran. He found that she had ruptured both of her Achiles tendons, but luckily there were no broken bones. She was admitted to our hospital and given pain relief.

Mark was then able to operate on her legs and re-attach her tendon. In order to allow them to rest and heal he also put some pins in her legs to keep them straight.

After a week one of her legs became sore again and we found that one of the pins had moved and so it was removed. She was rested for 6 weeks after which time the other pin was removed and her tendons had healed nicely. She is now back to walking round normally again.

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Frank’s Skin Cancer Surgery

Frank belongs to Jo (one of our Kenilworth nurses. She noticed that on his ear there seemed to be lots of scabs forming along the tip. These weren’t healing and so she brought him in to see Stephen. Underneath the scabs the skin was ulcerated. 
In cats (especially those with white ears) this can be a sign of skin cancer starting to grow on the ears. It can lead to the ear being eaten away by the cancer, which can also spread to other areas of the body. 
The best way to treat it is to removed the ear flap and remove the cancer before it has a chance to spread. This is what Stephen did for Frank. He now looks a little different with only one ear but as he doesn’t use mirrors he is none the wiser!
If you have a cat with white ears one way to help prevent this from happening is to use suncream on your cats ears just like we do to protect our skin. If you do notice any scabs forming bring them in to get them checked as the sooner they are treated the better. 


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Sydney’s Allergies

Did you know that animals can suffer from allergies too? They don’t get the sniffles and runny eyes like we do, instead they normally get itchy feet and ears. In Sydney’s case he kept getting ear infections which were being set off by an underlying allergy.

We took a blood sample and ran a special test and found out that he was allergic to storage mites and house dust mites. These are very common in the home and almost impossible to get rid of completely.

A special vaccine was made up with the things that he was allergic to. This was given as an injection, starting in very small doses. The amount was gradually increased over about 6 months. This allows to body to get used to them and stops Sydney reacting to them in the future. For some dogs this can cure them of their allergy and some may need to stay on injections once a month for life but this can stop them needing other medication or allows us to keep them on a lower dose.

Sydney improved a lot after starting the injections but his ears were still bothering him. Because of the repeat infections his ear canals had become narrowed making him more prone to infections. We performed an operation to help open out the ear canals to stop this happening again.

With the combination of the special vaccines and  the surgery Sydney is so much better now. There are several different ways of treating allergies in pets. If you think your pet is showing any signs of an allergy please come in and talk to us.

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Happy 21st Birthday Danny

Kieran’s handsome Burmese cat Danny, celebrated his 21st birthday this month.

Looking surprisingly kitten-like in this photo taken with Kieran just last week, Danny is in great shape.

He is a real character but as befits a pedigree cat of his advanced years he enjoys the quiet life these days.

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Ruby’s Major Surgery

Ruby came in as she had developed a lump on the side of her chest. We used a small needle to try to suck out some cells to see what it was. Under the microscope there were several different types of cell so we still couldn’t be sure of what it was.

She was booked in to have a general anaesthetic to remove the lump and to send it to the lab for analysis. Unfortunately during the surgery we discovered that the lump was bigger than we were able to feel. It had hooked round behind one of her ribs. We took a sample of the lump and sent it to the lab. The results came back as a low grade tumour. Because it was low grade if we could be sure to remove it all we hopefully would be able to cure the cancer.

The position of the lump meant that we had to remove two of her ribs to make sure that we got it all. She had a chest drain placed and was kept in overnight to keep her pain relief topped up and to monitor the drain. By the next morning we were able to remove the chest drain and she went back home. She has made a brilliant recovery and is now running round as if nothing had happened.

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