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A very fond farewell to Anita


Avonvale Vets all said a fond farewell to Anita on Friday as she hung up her stethoscope after 30 years of dedicated service. Staff at Warwick held an impromptu tea party for her, resulting in a table groaning under the weight of home-made cakes – a reminder of what she would be missing!

Anita started Avonvale’s first surgery in Warwick on Cape Road over 30 years ago and has seen the practice go from strength to strength over the years. Despite being a small animal practice, Anita’s qualifications and experience in Sheep and Goat medicine also led to a steady procession of our cloven hoofed friends turning up at the main hospital with various ailments or for more routine care such as disbudding. Anita has always treated both her clients, patients, and everybody at Avonvale as part of her extended family. She’ll now have more time to spend with the real thing!

Please join all the staff at Avonvale in wishing Anita a very long and happy retirement.

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New faces at Avonvale!





There have been some exciting changes across Avonvale recently.

This month we have bid a very fond farewell to Diane, our Practice Manager who has worked for Avonvale for over 12 years. We wish her all the best in her new adventures in sunny Abu Dhabi!

We are very pleased to welcome new Practice Manager Kate Webb and administration assistant Ann to the Avonvale team.



Our Stratford branch going from strength to strength means we have recruited three new vets! Welcome to Lara, Gemma and Daisy. Daisy will be joining our Stratford team while Katie is on maternity leave, Gemma will be mostly at Warwick and Lara will be working across all of our surgeries.



We also welcome our new nurse Denni, who many clients at our Stratford surgery may have met already.



All our new team members are looking forward to meeting our clients and their pets over the next few weeks.

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Herbie’s sore neck

This is Herbie who belongs to Southam receptionist Liz. Liz became worried about Herbie when he didn’t eat his breakfast and didn’t want to go for a walk because that was very out of character for him. Then, when he squealed when he was picked up, Liz knew that something was definitely not right. She was worried that he might have eaten a stone while out on a walk.

Liz took him into our Warwick hospital to see the on call vet Steve. He found that Herbie’s pain was in his neck so his problem wasn’t caused by eating a stone. Steve was worried Herbie either had pain from trauma, an infection in the bones in his neck or a condition called meningitis which is caused by inflammation or infection of the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

Herbie came in for further tests the next day with Southam vet Mark. Mark took X-rays of Herbie’s spine as well as taking a sample of the fluid surrounding he spinal cord to look for signs of meningitis.
Herbies xrays were all clear, but he was running a temp and very
dehydrated. So he went on a fluid drip.
We decided to send him to Warwick for overnight care.
The results came through that evening to say it was Steroid Responsive Meningitis.
We got him on a course of steroids and some antibiotics.
By Tuesday he was almost completely back to his old self!!

Herbie has a long road ahead on steroids, and have to have all our fingers and toes crossed he doesn’t have a relapse!

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Congratulations Emily

Congratulations Emily! She has worked as one of our animal care assistants at the Warwick hospital for the last year but now she is leaving to go to Nottingham Veterinary School.

Getting into vet school and vet nursing courses can be very competitive. For both you need lots of work experience. We often have school and university students coming into our practices to see how it all works but these places get booked up fast. If you are interested in seeing practice with us please let us know the dates you could do and send them with a CV and covering letter to the head nurse at the surgery you would like to go to.

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Diagnostic Donation for Sick Pets

Avonvale pets are assured of the most up to date diagnostic blood tests with the recent upgrading of our blood testing equipment. This offers a wider range of tests and faster results in-house.

Blood tests are a vital tool to accurately diagnose illness in our pets. Blood samples can be specifically profiled to examine the function of the liver and kidneys and assess glucose levels which can indicate illness at its earliest stages. Blood tests are often run in preparation for a general anaesthetic to ensure precise medication and monitoring and to allow us to make the aneasthetic as safe as possible for your pet.

The specific slides used for the test can be expensive. We know that this level of diagnostic testing is not available to all animals and have donated our left over slides from the previous analyser to the PDSA in Coventry to help other pets.

The Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals is a national charity who provide veterinary care for pets where owners are in difficult financial circumstances. The test slides donated free of charge will allow the PDSA to run 148 blood tests for sick pets in situations where otherwise owners would not have been able to access them due to the cost.

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Freddie’s sore legs

Freddie came in to see us when he was only 8 months old as he kept going lame on his left front leg. Vet Penny found that his shoulder was very sore. He was booked in for an anaesthestic and x-rays to find out what was going on.

Whilst he was asleep we were able to examine his shoulder more thoroughly without causing him pain. We found that his shoulder was dislocated. The x-rays confirmed this and also showed that the shoulder joint wasn’t formed properly. We also saw that his hips also hadn’t formed properly either. Both of these problems had caused muscle wasting on his legs and were causing him pain.

His shoulder was the worst affected and so Mark and Kieran decided to operate on it. They fused the shoulder joint so that it is no longer able to move but should stop causing him pain. He stayed in for a few days at our hospital in Warwick to allow us to keep him on strong pain relief. He was rested at home and then was started on hydrotherapy. This allowed us to help build up the muscles that had been lost while he had been limping.

His shoulder is no longer painful and he is walking well. We are monitoring his progress to see whether or not he will need further operations on his hips. For now he is back to acting like a puppy should.

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A good day at the office!

It was all hands on deck at our Warwick hospital this morning as vets Simon, Anita and Helen managed a morning full of unexpected emergency surgical cases on top of their list of elective operations.

We had a dog with a suspected torsion, a feline thyroidectomy, a cat whose injured tail had to be amputated and a labrador in labour who needed a caesarian.

One look at Simon’s face and you can see he’s enjoyed his morning though. There’s nothing like a litter of new born puppies to give everyone here a big smile.

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Hattie’s Pneumonia

Hattie suddenly became very ill at home. She was panting lots and not interested in food or water. She was brought in to see Simon, who found that her breathing and heart rate were much faster than normal. She was also running a high temperature.

Simon was concerned that she was having difficulty breathing and so took some x-rays of her chest. These showed that the lungs weren’t as clear as they should normally be. This can be caused by pneumonia, something like a grass seed getting stuck in the airways or potentially cancer as well. She was started on a drip and also some nasal oxygen (which is the tube you can see running in front of her nose in the picture) to help her breath. Later that day her breathing had settled and she was taken off the oxygen. Her temperature was still very high and so pneumonia was top of the list of potential causes. She was kept in our hospital at Warwick where we could keep a close eye on her 24hours a day to make sure her breathing didn’t get worse again.

Two days later her breathing still hadn’t returned to normal and so she was given a general anaesthetic and an endoscope with a small camera was passed into her airway to make sure there was nothing obstructing her breathing. Simon could see that her airways were clear  so she was given an additional antibiotic to help treat the pneumonia.

A few days later she had responded well and was able to go home. She is now back to her normal self.

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Pet Plan Award Nomination

Today at Warwick we received a lovely certificate from Pet Plan telling us that we had been nominated for Veterinary Practice of the Year by one of our clients. It is a real boost for our whole team to receive the nomination and we really appreciate it.

The finalists will be announced in March 2014 and we’re very excited to be included. The judges will be looking for a team that shows exceptional levels of care, expertise and professionalism and there is still time to nominate your favourite surgery, or member of staff until 31st January.

If you would like to take part, complete a nomination form at your surgery or visit

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A Happy Christmas for Ronnie

The Avonvale team were delighted to receive photos and a video clip of German Shepherd dog Ronnie bouncing happily around his garden today. It may not seem very out of ordinary for most dogs but for six year old Ronnie, the last six months have been very tough.

Back in July he was involved in a road accident and suffered serious injuries. He was rushed into our Warwick Hospital on a Sunday for emergency treatment with duty vet Kieran. Ronnie’s left hind leg was especially badly damaged and, when he was well enough, vet Mark performed extensive orthopaedic surgery involving bone grafts. It was touch and go whether Ronnie’s back foot would be viable and Ronnie’s owners had to face the prospect that to save him he may need to have his leg amputated.

Fortunately after a spell of intensive care nursing in hospital and excellent care at home where he had to be confined to a cage to rest his leg Ronnie has made a full recovery. His owner, Jo says “it has felt a long and time consuming journey but I would say Ronnie is ‘back to normal’ bearing in mind Ronnie’s normal is slightly different to most dogs!!! He continues to get stronger each day, and his coordination is pretty good”

Apparently he  destroyed 8 duvets and 10 pillows during his recovery but as you can see in the photo he enjoyed some special TLC too!

Ronnie is a lovely dog and our vets and nurses were constantly impressed by his gentle nature even when he was very sore and frustrated and we’re delighted he is on his way to a full recovery.



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