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Avonvale Vets celebrating 10 years of offering hydro help with one of its water babies

A leading Warwickshire vet is set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a facility which has made a real splash with its doggy patients.

To mark the anniversary of the hydrotherapy unit at its Wellesbourne branch, Avonvale Veterinary Centres invited a very special guest to come and celebrate.

olly the superstar

Olly was presented with a certificate at his 200th hydrotherapy session

Olly, aged 12, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, has been going to the unit for treatment since 2015 and recently enjoyed his 200th session.

Olly seriously damaged his right knee in 2014 while chasing a squirrel and needed complex orthopaedic surgery.

Avonvale recommended hydrotherapy to his owner Alex Beaumont to help Olly regain and strengthen muscle in his injured leg.

Water buoyancy helps stabilise the body in a vertical position and encourages a normal walking pattern to strengthen muscles.

The temperature and level of the water can be controlled for each individual which allows thermal benefits – warm water assists with pain relief, while cooler water reduces inflammation.

Veterinary nurse Helen Reeve, who runs the hydrotherapy unit, which is also suitable for cats, said: “Not only is hydrotherapy good for physical health, it is also good for a dog’s mental health.

“For a dog who has undergone a major operation or who has arthritis and struggles with mobility, being in the water and being kept buoyant as they walk can be a huge relief and helps them regain both strength and confidence.

“Ten minutes on the hydro treadmill is the equivalent of a 40 minute walk. Dogs are supported by the water but they are still working hard, so it can also help increase their cardio abilities.

“Sometimes there will not be huge physical changes, but it’s often the little changes which can make a huge difference to the life of a dog, and its owners.

“It also makes a lot of dogs lose their fear of attending the vets. They no longer associate going with needles and examinations, they associate it with how wonderful they feel in the water.”

olly with his owner

Olly with his owner, Alex Beaumont, and Helen Reeve, who runs the hydrotherapy unit.

Olly has had numerous health issues over the years, including a spinal infection, and now has arthritis, but owner Alex says the hydrotherapy sessions are not only brilliant for his health but also a huge source of enjoyment.

She said: “Olly has had a lot of issues over the years and the hydro sessions have been wonderful for him. He just loves them.

“When hydrotherapy was first suggested by Avonvale I was initially reluctant as he had always been averse to going near water. He’d avoid going near a shallow puddle if he could, but now he pretty much drags me up the path to the vets.

“If I try and walk in a different direction we have a bit of a stand-off and he has a sulk.

“When he is there, he gets so much fuss, he revels in it. He’s a little dog who has been through a lot and a combination of the hydrotherapy and the way Helen and the rest of the Avonvale team treat him has done him the world of good.”

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Petplan Vet Awards

Avonvale's nomination for the Practice of the Year award at the Veterinary Awards 2017We are very pleased to announce that we have received lots of nominations for the Petplan awards this year. Our Kenilworth, Stratford, Southam and Wellesbourne surgeries have all been nominated for “Practice of the Year”. Vets Kieran, Sophie, Penny B, Deborah and Becky have each been nominated for “Vet of the Year”. Maddi, Michelle and Anna H have been nominated for “Vet Nurse of the Year.” Jodie and Nicole were both nominated for the “Support Staff of the Year” and Liz K has been nominated for “Receptionist of the Year.”

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who nominated us.

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Callie’s spay

Do you remember little Callie who belongs to Wellesbourne vet Becky? She has grown so much since this picture was taken!

She came in recently to be spayed at 6 months old before she had her first season.

We usually recommend bitches are spayed before their first season except for certain larger breeds, in which case we recommend spaying before their second season. As well as preventing unwanted pregnancies, early spaying has been proven to result in a huge reduction in the occurrence of mammary tumours in later life and prevents life threatening uterine infections.


Here is a picture gallery of Callie’s day at the vets.




Becky made sure Callie hadn’t had any breakfast prior to her anaesthetic, as having food in  her stomach would have made the procedure more risky.

In the picture Sarah and Steph are gently holding Callie to take a blood sample from her neck for a preanesthetic blood test, and to place an IV cannula in her leg to allow us to give her anaesthetic drugs.



Once she was asleep, Sarah monitored her breathing and heart rate to make sure she was asleep and stable. While Sarah did this, Steph clipped the fur on her tummy and cleaned the surgical site to prevent the wound becoming infected.





Callie was then moved to theatre and given a final clean before her operation started.





Sarah continued to monitor her anaesthetic whilst Russell operated. During a spay we remove the ovaries and uterus through a small incision into the abdomen. We then close the incision with hidden absorbable sutures. We sent Callie home with a buster collar to make sure she didn’t lick her wound and make it sore or infected.







Callie made a brilliant recovery; here she is snoozing happily after her anaesthetic.



For more information on neutering please call one of our surgeries, or see our leaflet at:

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A thorn in Molly’s eye

Molly is a spaniel who loves running through bushes but one day her owner noticed that her right eye was weeping more than normal and she was holding it partly closed. She was brought in to see vet Becky.

Becky examined Molly’s eye and put some dye in that stains up any damage to the surface of the eye. She could see a tiny puncture wound to the front of the eye, likely from a thorn. She was given some pain relief and antibiotics and started on some eyedrops.

By the next day the area was getting bigger and so she was admitted so that with our 24 hour care we could make sure that she was having the drops in her eyes every few hours. She went home after a few days and the eye was looking much better.

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Rodney’s New Hair Do

A lump appeared on the top of Rodney’s head. It wasn’t very big and looked very similar to a wart. His owners booked him in to have it removed. For a definitive diagnosis the lump was sent to the laboratory for the specialist pathologist to identify it. With their high power microscope the pathologist found that it was a haemangiopericytoma. These can be nasty tumours that spread locally.

Despite the appearance that all the tumour had been removed, the pathologist recommended that Rodney have a further operation to remove the skin and tissue 2cm in every direction to reduce the likelihood of the tumour regrowing. This was a very delicate operation as it was close to Rodney’s eyes leaving a large hole and an advancement flap technique was used. Skin from the back of Rodney’s head was used to stretch forward to cover the wound.

The stitches were removed after 2 weeks and as you can see he has recovered well. The only difference is that he now has a patch of black hair on the top of his head, where there used to be grey!

It is not always possible to be sure what a lump is just by looking at it and we will always recommend sending them to the laboratory for the full picture.


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A Well Deserved Nomination

Congratulations to Becky on her nomination for Pet Plan Vet of the Year and thank you to the lovely clients who took the time to nominate her.

We agree she would be very deserving of being in the finals for this national award and we can’t wait to see what happens when the nominations close at the end of January.

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Keep Paddling!

Our water babes Helen and Emily celebrated 4 years in our Hydrotherapy unit at Wellesbourne in December.

That’s  …… 4 years of standing up their calves in warm water

…… 4 years of paddling behind dogs and cats,

…… 4 years of getting soaked from enthusiastic dogs shaking the water off their coats,

…… and 4 years of being the best thing since sliced bread when they offer their patients a ‘schmacko’ at the end of the session.

You’ve got to love water to do the job but Helen and Emily get a kick out of the fantastic improvement they’ve seen in their patients and want to say a big WELL DONE to all their hydro pets.

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Christmas Opening Times

These are our surgeries opening times for the Christmas holidays.

As always, we will have one of our vets on call 24 hours a day in case of any emergencies over the whole festive period. If your pet needs emergency care when our surgeries are closed call 01926 400255 or your usual surgery number.

Christmas Eve Tues 24th Dec : 8.30am – 5pm

Christmas Day Wed 25th Dec : Closed

Boxing Day Thurs 26th Dec : Closed

Friday 27th Dec : 8.30am – 6.30pm

Saturday 28th Dec : 8.30am – 5pm (at Warwick),

8.30am – 12.30pm (at Kenilworth, Southam and Wellesbourne)

Sunday 29th Dec : Closed

Monday 30th Dec : 8.30am – 6.30pm

New Years Eve Tues 31st Dec : 8.30am – 5pm

New Years Day Wed 1st Jan : Closed

Thursday 2nd Jan : 8.30am – 6.30pm

Friday 3rd Jan : 8.30am – 6.30pm

Saturday 4th Jan : 8.30am – 5pm (at Warwick)

8.30am – 12.30pm (at Kenilworth, Southam and Wellesbourne)

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The 12 Days of Christmas

Here are the most common calls our vets get over the festive season. (to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas)

On the 12th day of Christmas I called my vet to see………..12 chocolate poisonings

……..11 Pancreatic pains , 10 Anxious Canines, 9 Poinsettia poisonings, 8 ‘gippy tummies’, 7 Firework phobias, 6 cats eaten tinsel, 5 turkey wishbones, 4 kennel cough boosters, 3 repeat prescriptions , 2 stressed out moggies……

…..…and a small toy swallowed by my doggie!

We’ll help you plan ahead for your pet’s medication, boosters for boarding kennels and stress relieving products for your pets to take the pressure off the festive season.

And if your pet does eat something it shouldn’t have, give us a call. Our 24 hour emergency service will be operating as usual throughout the Christmas holidays so you will be able to contact an Avonvale vet at any time if your pet needs urgent medical attention.

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