Connie’s Poorly Knee

Floss, Connie and Mitzi are the best of friends. One afternoon Connie (middle) was enjoying chasing a ball in the garden. But the last time it was thrown both her and Floss (left) ran after it. They collided at full speed half way there. Connie yelped and immediately would not put any weight on her left hind leg.

She was brought straight in to us. That afternoon we gave her an anaesthetic and xrayed the leg. This showed that there were no breaks but that she had ruptured her cruciate ligament in her knee. This in an injury that football players also suffer from.

We were able to operate on her knee and place a lateral suture. This mimics the cruciate ligament and supports the leg. Two days after the operation she was already touching her foot to the ground. She now has 6 weeks rest ahead of her to allow the injury to settle down fully before gradually increasing her exercise again to strengthen the leg.

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