Exercising your pet in the house during colder months

As the weather gets colder, you and your pet may spend more time indoors on the sofa than outside exercising. COVID restrictions also limit the outdoor activities you and your pet can do together. Here are some ideas to help keep your pet happy while you’re indoors.

(The exercises your pet can do depends on their age, fitness, and health. If you’re unsure how much exercise is suitable for your pet, give us a call.)

  • Brain games. Interactive brain games are widely available to help keep your pet (and you!) entertained. You can also create simple, cost-effective versions of your own. Try hiding a favourite toy under a selection of plastic buckets and reward your pet for choosing the correct one.
  • Hide and seek. Dogs love playing hide and seek; they need to use all of their senses to find where you’re hiding and seem just as excited so see you each time!
  • Laser pointer. Cats are natural predators and love to chase the light of a laser pointer. Safe, low wattage laser-toys are available which are less likely to harm your cat’s eyes. If your cat becomes frustrated by never ‘catching’ their prey, let them have a small toy as a reward at the end of your game.
  • Introduce some new toys. Research confirms what we already know; pets love new toys! Many pet-supply retailers have seasonal sales on a wide range of toys. You can also rotate existing toys so your pet only plays with a few toys at a time. This extends the longevity of toys and engages your pet for longer.
  • Puzzle feeder. These make dinner more exciting! Puzzle feeders are based on the idea that many pets like to work for their food. Our pet’s ancestors hunted for meals which kept their minds and bodies active. Puzzle feeders encourage your pet to eat more slowly and use their brain while they eat.

You can get your family, or household members, involved in playtime to keep everyone entertained, healthy, and happy!

If you have any concerns about your pet’s health, please give us a call.

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