Frank’s Skin Cancer Surgery

Frank belongs to Jo (one of our Kenilworth nurses. She noticed that on his ear there seemed to be lots of scabs forming along the tip. These weren’t healing and so she brought him in to see Stephen. Underneath the scabs the skin was ulcerated. 
In cats (especially those with white ears) this can be a sign of skin cancer starting to grow on the ears. It can lead to the ear being eaten away by the cancer, which can also spread to other areas of the body. 
The best way to treat it is to removed the ear flap and remove the cancer before it has a chance to spread. This is what Stephen did for Frank. He now looks a little different with only one ear but as he doesn’t use mirrors he is none the wiser!
If you have a cat with white ears one way to help prevent this from happening is to use suncream on your cats ears just like we do to protect our skin. If you do notice any scabs forming bring them in to get them checked as the sooner they are treated the better. 


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