Indie-ana Bones

Indie’s owners phoned us recently as she began retching and coughing after eating some roast chicken scraps at home. She came straight down to see vet Katie out of hours.


After examining Indie, Katie was concerned she might have a bone from the scraps stuck in her throat.  She took an X-ray which showed a wishbone lodged across the top of Indie’s oesophagus.


Katie gave Indie an anaesthetic so she could operate to remove the bone. Bones which are out of reach need to be removed with an endoscope which we can pass right down the oesophagus and into the stomach if needed. Luckily, Indie’s bone hadn’t passed too far down her throat so Katie was able to remove the wishbone by hand once Indie was asleep.



Indie  recovered really well from her anaesthetic and was able to go home the next morning- after lots of cuddles from night nurse Laura!



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