Merlin’s sore throat

Merlin the cat was seen by Andrea at our Southam surgery because he had been coughing and retching at home. These signs are often caused by an infection, but can also be due to a foreign body. So when Merlin’s coughing didn’t stop, Andrea became worried he might have something stuck in his throat.

13575466_10153528312476883_1569372379_oMerlin was given an anaesthetic which allowed Andrea to have a look down his throat with the endoscope. She soon found the cause of Merlin’s problems- a large grass awn behind his soft palate which had been causing a lot of irritation.

13582449_10153528312346883_1601173806_oThe grass awn was expertly retrieved with the help of vet nurses Michelle and Kim. Merlin went home later the same day and is now feeling much better.

Grass seeds are a big problem at this time of year. They can get lodged in eyes, ears, paws and throats. It is important to check your dog after walks and remove any grass seeds lodged in the fur before they cause a problem.

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