Multi-cat Households

Our feline friends can be quite unsociable characters and often find living with others quite stressful. Competing for food, litter trays and the comfiest sleeping quarters can cause some cats to become anxious.

Cats display anxiety and stress in a number of ways. They may start to over-groom resulting in sore, irritated skin. Some cats will urinate around the house to mark territory and leave a familiar scent. Many cats just become quiet and withdrawn when new cats are introduced.

If your cat is showing any new behaviour then it is always a good idea to speak to your vet. Once a physical examination has ruled out health issues then adjustments can be made to improve a cat’s environment. Ensuring there are adequate numbers of feeding areas and litter trays around the house can make a huge difference. Other cats may benefit from the introduction of feline friendly pheromone diffusers and sprays. Please contact your vet for more advice regarding your cat’s behaviour.

-Penny Clarke MRCVS

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