No eggs-cuses for chocolate toxicity over Easter

Don’t under estimate the temptation of chocolate for dogs and keep it well out of reach especially at Easter. It’s not just a dodgy tummy that we worry about.

Chocolate contains theobromine which a dog cannot digest and so it becomes toxic to them. Theobromine affects the liver and in large quantities can be fatal. The higher the cocoa content of chocolate the higher the risk of liver problems so dark chocolate is more potent than milk chocolate.

Any chocolate can have toxic effects depending upon the size of your dog and the quantity they have consumed. If you think your dog has managed to eat any easter eggs do contact us for advice. The most important information we will ask for is the weight of your dog, the type of chocolate and the amount eaten.

If your pet does eat something it shouldn’t have, give us a call. Our 24 hour emergency service will be operating as usual throughout the Easter weekend so you will be able to contact an Avonvale vet at any time if your pet needs urgent medical attention.

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