Peggy’s seasonal mistake

This is poorly pooch is Peggy. Peggy’s owner rang us because she had managed to snuffle her way into a variety box of chocolates and had eaten most of the box!

Chocolate is irresistible to dogs but the Theobromine it contains can be lethal. We have enzymes in our liver to metabolise it but dogs cannot break it down and it becomes toxic forming a poison which can be fatal.

Peggy had eaten well over the toxic dose so Southam vet Penny had to act quickly to prevent her becoming very unwell. She looks very sorry for herself in the photo as Penny had to give her an injection to make her sick to stop the toxin being absorbed from her stomach.

Happily, once the injection wore off Peggy was back to her normal self, and because her owner acted so promptly the chocolate won’t have caused any lasting damage.


We tend to see lots of dogs for chocolate toxicity at this time of year so be careful not to leave any under tree as dogs can sniff it out. Please also remember that raisins are toxic too, so be careful with mince pies and christmas pud too.

If you think your dog has eaten a quantity of chocolate or raisins call us immediately and our vet will advise you what to do next. Your dog may need to come in for urgent treatment to get rid of the toxin.

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