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Easter opening hours

Easter opening hours

We would like to wish all of our clients and your pets a very happy Easter weekend.

We are open as usual on Saturday as follows-

  • Warwick surgery- 8.30am – 5pm
  • Stratford surgery- 8.30am – 2pm
  • Leamington, Kenilworth, Wellesbourne and Southam surgeries- 8.30am- 12.30pm

Outside of these hours, from 6.30pm tonight and 8.30am on Tuesday morning our Out of Hours Service is  available. This is staffed by Avonvale vets and nurses at our own Small Animal Hospital in Warwick and is available to all of our registered clients.

If your pet does require any emergency care over the bank holiday weekend, please phone 01926 400255 or your usual Avonvale surgery number and we will be happy to help.

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Life’s a peach for Marley

Marley was brought in to our Wellesbourne surgery because his owner was worried he was vomiting and off his food.

He was given symptomatic treatment to stop his vomiting but when he didn’t improve, vet Emily did an ultrasound scan of his abdomen to check for any underlying problems. One area of Marley’s intestine looked distended and there was some abnormal fluid in his abdomen. This made Emily suspect there may be a blockage, and she recommended surgery to look for the cause.

Marley was found to have a peach stone blocking his intestine which was the cause of his vomiting. Once the stone was removed, Marley recovered really well and went home a couple of days later.

We often send animals home with a buster collar after surgery to stop them lickin their wounds and causing problems with healing. Marley hated his collar, so we gave him a medical pet shirt which covered his wound and kept it clean. Here is Marley when he came in for a post-op check up looking much happier in his special shirt.

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Buddy’s off the hook

This is 15 year old Buddy who came in to see vet Mark at Southam for his check up after an unfortunate encounter with a fish hook and line at the weekend.

On Sunday morning, Buddy sneaked into the garage and helped himself to some fishing bait. Unfortunately, the tasty morsel happened to be attached to a hook and several feet of fishing line. The hook becamelodged in his oesophagus, between his throat and heart. With Buddy safely asleep and an hour or so of delicate manipulation using a flexible scope and graspers, Mark managed to remove the hook.

All is now well, but some terriers never learn… vet Russell removed a hook from Buddy’s stomach using the scope in the same month 8 years ago!!

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Jasper’s ribbon emergency

Jasper, Helen and Maddi

Poor Jasper was seen out of hours by Warwick vet Helen this week after swallowing a long piece of ribbon.

He has played with the ribbon for years without any problems, but this time his owner saw the end of the ribbon in Jasper’s mouth and called us straight away.

Helen advised we see Jasper as soon as possible before the ribbon became lodged in his intestines- this would have caused a lot of damage and could have led to peritonitis which would have made him very unwell.

Jasper was given a general anaesthetic which was closely monitored by veterinary nurse Maddi. Helen passed a camera (endoscope) down into Jaspers stomach to see if the ribbon was still there; if it had passed through the stomach into the intestine Jasper would have to have surgery to remove it.

ribbon cat 2Fortunately, the ribbon was still in his stomach so Helen was able to remove it using the endoscope meaning Jasper didn’t need surgery. Once it was removed Helen and Maddi found that the ribbon was almost 3 feet long, which can’t have been easy for him to swallow!

Jasper recovered very well from his anaesthetic and went home the next day. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and won’t eat any more ribbons!

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Houdini the hedgehog

Houdini 1This is Houdini the hedgehog who was brought in to see Mark out of hours this week. He was found in Stratford with some plastic netting stuck around his neck.

The plastic had been there for some time and had cut into the skin around his neck so it was difficult to remove. Mark gave Houdini an anaesthetic and managed to carefully cut him free.

Houdini netting

Houdini and KimHere is Houdini having a cuddle with vet nurse Kim after his lucky escape!

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