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  • Buddy Simmons
  • Buddy Simmons
  • Buddy Simmons

Buddy is a 9 year old Yorkshire terrier. In November 2017 Buddy began to limp on his left hind leg. He was x-rayed, and it was discovered that he had partially torn the cruciate ligaments in his knee. After some consideration it was decided to treat Buddy conservatively rather than opt for surgery. So he began twice weekly hydrotherapy treatment, with the aim of building up the muscle and strength in the left leg.

Exercise in this controlled manner helps give the ligaments time to heel without adding any extra pressure to the damaged leg. Buddy is a very enthusiastic little fella and thoroughly loves his doggy paddle sessions. After an initial course all seems to be going well, and signs are that the treatment is working, and Buddy will not require surgery at this stage…

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