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  • Georgie Loughran
  • Georgie Loughran
  • Georgie Loughran

Georgie is a 5½ year old crossbreed that was referred to us for hydrotherapy treatment following an ongoing problem with his knees. The knee cap or patella was intermittently luxating or slipping out of position causing short term discomfort and stiffness. Surgery was an option to correct the problem, but as it was only happening every so often his vet Bex Smith decided to see if a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs and hydrotherapy would help.

We are pleased to report that after an initial course of 10 intense sessions followed by regular maintenance sessions, Georgie is now much more comfortable, does not require the medication, and the luxation rarely occurs. He is a much happier dog, and really enjoys his visits to hydro.

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