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  • Jack Spafford
  • Jack Spafford
  • Jack Spafford

Jack is a 14yr old Border terrier, he is owned by Sue one of the receptionists at our Wellesbourne branch. On a walk in early February of this year, he took a stumble and injured his right hind leg. As a result, the cruciate ligaments in his stifle were damaged. Given his age, surgery would’ve been a bit risky so his vet Becky Sharp advised going down the conservative management route. This entailed strict rest for 2 weeks, something that Jack didn’t find difficult as his favourite pastime is sleeping and resting anyway.

This was followed by gentle hydrotherapy. There were no guarantees that hydrotherapy would help, but it was worth a try. He has had an initial course and we are pleased to report that so far Jack’s leg has improved a great deal. His lameness has reduced and his stifle joint is a lot sturdier meaning that at this stage surgery is not necessary. To maintain his joint health, Jack is going to continue with hydrotherapy on a regular basis.

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