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  • Lara Herbert
  • Lara Herbert
  • Lara Herbert

Lara is a lovely young Golden Retriever that has been coming for hydrotherapy treatment in order to see if it would help improve the left fore leg lameness that she has had intermittently for a couple of months. Investigations indicated possible ligament or soft tissue damage in her shoulder, and hydrotherapy can help to regain the confidence to strengthen muscle and mobilize joints without experiencing further discomfort whilst the tissues repair.

Lara has thoroughly enjoyed her hydro sessions, and fortunately they seemed to have done the trick. After 10 sessions Lara’s lameness has all but disappeared, she no longer needs pain medication, and her owners have been able to gradually let her return back to normal activity.

Lara will need to continue coming for a little while longer, but as you can see from the pictures, I’m sure she doesn’t mind.

lara avonvets hydrotherapy

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