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  • Mocha Steen
  • Mocha Steen
  • Mocha Steen

Meet Mocha a sweet natured, schmacko loving, 11 year old Labrador retriever who is having a 2nd bout of hydrotherapy treatment.

Initially Mocha came for rehabilitation hydrotherapy sessions towards the end of 2015 after discovering she had hip dysplasia in her right hip, and also following cruciate surgery on her left stifle.

She did very well and the waters properties helped to increase her muscle mass, strength, and stamina in both legs.

In August 2016 Mocha had x-rays’ taken to establish the reason for front leg lameness, and it was discovered that there were some arthritic changes in both the left and right elbow joints.

Hydrotherapy again was prescribed, and Mocha is midway through a course of 10 sessions. She is already feeling much better as a result.

mocha hydrotherapy