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When can I start?

You can start at anytime and we will ensure that you get the full 12 month programme.

The most logical time to start is at your Booster appointment as this will allow you to collect your flea and worm treatments at the same time and then each time you bring your pet for their 6 monthly health checks thereafter. You will receive text and/or postal reminders for your 6 monthly health checks and booster vaccinations.

If you start at a different time from your booster you will be given enough products to last until your booster vaccination or 6 month check, whichever is the soonest.

How are the monthly payments made?

Monthly payments are collected by direct debit administered on our behalf by Animal Healthcare Company.

Animal Healthcare Company will contact you with a written schedule of DD collection dates. There will be 11 DD collections of the same amount during the 12 month membership.

The first collection will be made 14 days after the day you joined and paid the initial over the counter payment. After that the Direct Debit will be collected every month on the same date.

If you wish to change the monthly collection date you can contact Animal Healthcare Company directly to do so after the first collection has been made.

Can I join Pet Health For Life plan and pay monthly/annually without doing a direct debit?

No. We are able to offer the preferential rates and monthly payment facility because we keep the plan very simple and so no administrative costs are passed on to you. If you do not wish to set up a direct debit the Pet Health for Life plan may not be for you.

What happens if I start Pet Health for Life plan at any time other than my booster appointment?

We will ask you to pay your initial subscription to join and complete the DD mandate form. We will arrange that the direct debit is collected 14 days later and on the same date each month thereafter. You will be given enough pet flea, worm and parasite treatment to last until your next check up is due.

Does Pet Health for Life plan mean I will never have a bill to visit the vet? / Is it the same as Pet Insurance?

No. This is not an insurance scheme and does not provide cover for unexpected illness and/or injury.

Pet Health for Life plan is designed to spread the cost of the routine preventive pet care to maintain your pet's healthy condition including two health checks per year, one at annual booster vaccination time and another 6 months later. Pet Health for Life plan also provides preventative flea, worm and parasite treatments. These treatments are not usually included in pet insurance policies.

There will be a fee for clinical consultations and treatment for acute medical care however we do offer all Pet Health for Life plan members an automatic 5% discount for all consultations.

We recommend taking out separate pet insurance to cover the cost of unexpected illness or treatment in the case of accidents or injury.

Will this plan actually save me money?

Yes, the Pet Health for Life plan provides our best practice pet care recommendations at preferential prices. You will also be fixing your costs on these items for 12 months. We include extra discounts for our Pet Health for Life plan members.
See the 'What will I save sheet' in your Pet Health for Life plan folder for specific savings.

What name will appear on my Bank Statement?

The direct debit is administrated by a company called Animal Health Care Company and it is this name that will appear on your bank statement.

Each pet is treated as a separate member and therefore a separate direct debit form must be completed for each one in the household. This makes it easier if any changes need to be made for specific animals. E.g.
(dies or is re-homed etc) If you have more than one pet on the plan each will appear as separate debit on your bank statement with a unique Animal Healthcare Company number.

What happens to my bank details now? How secure are my bank details?

The details on the direct debit form you have completed are uploaded by our security coded web link to Animal Healthcare Company. (The details are scrambled electronically as they are sent and then decoded at
AHC) They will process them and acknowledge your membership by sending you a schedule of payments for the year. The original form will be held in secure archive storage at Avonvale and shredded after 1 year.

Who do I contact if I have a problem/query with my direct debit?

If there is difficulty in collecting your payments Animal Healthcare Company will contact you in the first instance. They liaise closely with us so if you are aware of any likely problems or have queries about your
Pet Health for Life plan payments please contact your Avonvale surgery. Pet Health for Life plan is coordinated at Avonvale by our Administrator, Sue Godfrey who will follow up any concerns with you personally. You can also contact Animal Healthcare
Company directly if you wish.

How long does the Pet Health for Life plan run?

The plan runs for 12 months with 12 payments in total. During this time your costs for all items included will be fixed at the rates quoted. At the end of this time you will be sent a letter asking if you wish to continue
membership. To continue for the next year you do not need to do anything and your direct debit will continue to run as before. If there are to be any changes to the content of the Pet Health for Life plan or to the price of your direct debit we will inform you in advance.

I have two pets; can I register one pet on the Pet Health for Life plan and use the products for both?

Products on Pet Health for Life plan are dispensed at the dosage for the correct treatment of an individual pet over a year. The medication we use is licensed to be dispensed on prescription only and therefore the vet is only authorised
to prescribe it for use as recommended by the manufacturers and for a named pet under their care. This is also why we have to record the dispensing of these products on your pet's medical history. If you are
sharing products between your pets you are in danger of under/ over dosing your pets and will not be obtaining the complete preventative health cover.


What happens if my pet dies while on the plan?

If your pet dies at home unexpectedly let us know as soon as possible. We will stop your direct debit immediately. Naturally, if your pet is with us when he or she passes away we stop the plan immediately.
Any monies in credit from the plan may be put towards cremation fees or kept on your account to spend on other pets.

What happens if I move away mid way during the year/ Can I cancel the plan?

The plan is designed to spread payment over 12 months therefore cancelling within that period may result in payment being required for any outstanding balance for products and services which you have received
but payment for which has not yet been completely covered on the plan. Should cancellation result in your being in credit this will be held on your account for use against other product and services or for your other
pets. Unfortunately we cannot give refunds by cash, cheque or cards.

I have re-homed my pet/my pet has died, can I transfer the plan to another pet?

Each pet is treated individually on the plan and appears under their own name. To reduce confusion plans cannot be transferred however we can cancel the plan for one pet and begin a plan for another. All you
need to do is to complete a new application form and DD for the new pet. If you are in credit this will be credited to your account to use for food, other treatment or services.


How will I know when my Six Monthly Health Check is due?

You will be sent a reminder text or letter to book in with the vet for your FREE six monthly Well Pet Health Check. This reminder is generated by listing pets whose annual booster is due in 6 months time.
Therefore the six monthly check will always be timed to fall midway between booster check ups regardless at what point you join the Pet Health for Life plan.

Can I use the Six Month Health Check for my Prescription check up?

Yes. Our pets' metabolism is much quicker than ours which is why they are often described as aging 7 years for every one of ours. This means that changes in health can happen relatively quickly and generally the
sooner they are picked up the easier they are to treat. The six month health check is designed to maintain your pet in good health and if your pet is on long term medication this will be part of the examination.

If my pet is ill when the Six Month Health Check is due can I have a free consultation?

The Six Month Health Check is a 'well pet' check linked to preventive healthcare. It is all about maintaining the general health and condition of your pet by picking up subtle signs of underlying problems.
If your pet has symptoms of an illness or injury such as vomiting, diarrhoea, sore eyes, sudden lameness these may well be due to an acute condition which needs immediate medical treatment. We would
encourage you not to wait for the 6 monthly check up for this and do offer all Pet Health for Life plan members 5% discount on all clinical consultations.

If however, your pet's symptoms coincide with the pre-planned 6 monthly check up or the vet picks up some clinical changes at the check up you will not be charged for the clinical consultation.


How will I get my parasite products?

You will receive the first dose of parasite prevention treatments on the day that you join (provided you have paid the initial monthly fee over the counter and fully completed a DD mandate form). Thereafter we will send you a text or postal reminder that your booster vaccination or 6 month check up is due.

When do I use the products I have been given?

Prinovox – Monthly. A whole pipette should be applied to the skin on the back of your pet's neck once each month to maintain complete protection. Endogard or Milpro tablets. These are given once every 6 months. They are palatable and most dogs take them readily. You can crush them into food if you wish.

Broadline - Monthly. This is often more convenient for cats than a tablet. A whole pipette should be applied to the back of the neck. Full instructions are included in the product packaging however, if you are in any doubt about how to apply the products please don't hesitate to call us for advice.

How will I keep track of what I have received?

We will keep a full record of the treatments and services we have dispensed through the Pet Health for Life plan on your pet's record card. Animal Healthcare Company keep us appraised of DD collections each month.

Why do you include Prinovox and Endogard/Broadline in Pet Health for Life plan?

We have selected these products because they are highly effective treatments, offer protection against a wide range of the parasites that affect pets in our local area and are convenient to apply. We trust the
manufacturer and our vets see very few reactions as a consequence of using these products. We know there are alternatives and cheaper products available on the high street however they do not offer the high
standard of protection we want to provide for our Pet Health for Life plan members. If your preference is to use other products the Pet Health for Life plan may not be for you.

I prefer to use Advantage/Stronghold/Frontline for my pet. Can I have this on the plan?

To keep administrative costs low so that we do not need to pass them on to you the plan must remain as simple as possible to run. Therefore, we have selected the flea and worm treatments that offer the most
comprehensive and effective protection for the parasite risks in our local area. If you prefer not to use these particular products this plan may not be for you.

My Avonvale vet has advised that my dog/cat does not use one of the Pet Health for Life plan products.

In exceptional medical cases your Avonvale vet may substitute a product on the plan. You will continue to pay the same monthly subscription but the parasite products will be substituted by your vet to one
appropriate for your pet. It may be that this does not offer the same parasite cover and your vet will advise whether it is worth continuing with the Pet Health for Life plan.

My dog needs tick treatment every summer. What should I do?

If you travel to areas of the country where Ticks are prevalent we recommend the following:

Continue to treat with Prinovox to ensure complete flea, roundworm, lungworm, and sarcoptic mange protection (Lungworm and Sarcoptic mange are a much greater problem in rural areas of the country such as Devon and Wales) and for additional tick prevention add either:

A Seresto Tick Collar – This lasts for 8 months and is a cheap and effective option for dogs who regularly visit areas with a risk of ticks. Fit the collar 48 hours before travel.


Advantix Spot –on – These monthly pipettes (pack of 4) can be applied 48 hours before travel and 1 week before/after the usual Prinovox pipette. They protect for 1 month so may be applied for short visits.
Seresto and Advantix are not included in Pet Health for Life plan but you will receive an automatic 5% discount when you purchase them.

My pet is travelling abroad and needs protecting against sandflies and ticks.

Continue using Prinovox as this provides excellent protection against fleas, and sarcoptic mange (which is transmitted by foxes and can be a problem in Europe). To meet the requirement for tick prevention add:
Advantix Spot –on – These monthly pipettes (pack of 4) can be applied 1 week after/before Prinovox and protect for 1 month. Advantix also protects against sandflies and mosquitoes.

If I am using Prinovox plus Advantix /Seresto for ticks will I be over-treating my pet?

No. All these products are made by Bayer, and are designed both to target individual parasite issues and to be used in conjunction with each other. The medication Imidicloprid which is used in Prinovox, Advantix and
Seresto to prevent fleas is not systemic (i.e.: it does not enter the blood stream and gut) but is transferred through the lipid layer of the skin. Once an optimum level is reached the skin does not take up any more
and overdose does not occur.

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