We are excited to announce our major development to our Warwick hospital including a new procedures room and our brand-new 16 slice, GE Revolution CT installation. We are one of only a few Small Animal Veterinary Hospitals in the UK to benefit from having a CT scanner on site.

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How does it work?

CT examination provides us with cross sectional and 3 dimensional images of some of the more complex problems our pets face. It uses a motorised x-ray source that rapidly rotates around the circular opening of a donut-shaped structure called a gantry to take multiple sliced images of the area required. Our CT machine employs the very latest advanced imaging technology and the first of its kind in a primary care veterinary surgery in Warwickshire.

Advantages of using a CT

CT imaging enables a more rapid and precise diagnosis which in turn will provide quicker treatment to your pets. In addition, our procedure room is a fully functional operating theatre equipped with both video endoscopy and diagnostic ultrasound. With these new additions, the combination of our diagnostic services and our highly trained team makes Avonvale Hospital Warwick a leader in veterinary diagnosis and treatment across our region.

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Common conditions that may benefit from CT scanning:

  • Elbow and joint assessments
  • Spinal disease including lumbosacral disease
  • Nasal and airway disease
  • Pulmonary and mediastinal disease
  • Peri-ocular disease
  • Middle ear disease
  • Some musculo-skeletal problems
  • Abdominal and thoracic neoplasia including metastatic disease diagnosis
  • Lung and chest problems
  • Porto-systemic shunts
  • Complex fracture assessments

For more information about our CT scanner or any other of our diagnostic equipment please contact our clinical staff who will be more than happy to help you.

bailey ashmoreBailey is 12½ years old. He has been a regular visitor to our hydrotherapy unit for the past couple of months.

Bailey has suffered with weakness and osteoarthritis in his hind legs for a little while now, and until recently it was under control with just anti inflammatory and pain relief medication.

As time has gone by the strength in his hind legs has gradually worsened creating stability problems.

Bailey’s vet suggested hydrotherapy as a way of helping to build up some strength, stamina, and muscle tone in his hind legs.

It turns out Bailey is a natural water baby and enjoys the sessions almost as much as the endless amounts of treats that he gets during them.

He has completed an initial course and has shown signs of improvement which is very encouraging, and will continue with maintenance sessions to help control his condition.

Lara is a lovely young Golden Retriever that has been coming for hydrotherapy treatment in order to see if it would help improve the left fore leg lameness that she has had intermittently for a couple of months. Investigations indicated possible ligament or soft tissue damage in her shoulder, and hydrotherapy can help to regain the confidence to strengthen muscle and mobilize joints without experiencing further discomfort whilst the tissues repair.

Lara has thoroughly enjoyed her hydro sessions, and fortunately they seemed to have done the trick. After 10 sessions Lara’s lameness has all but disappeared, she no longer needs pain medication, and her owners have been able to gradually let her return back to normal activity.

Lara will need to continue coming for a little while longer, but as you can see from the pictures, I’m sure she doesn’t mind.

lara avonvets hydrotherapy

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Welcome to our Heathcote Surgery, our latest addition to the Avonvale family which is located in the Whitnash area of Leamington Spa. It has been a veterinary centre at this site since the 1970’s and was extended and totally refurbished in 2007.

The practice provides a comprehensive range of veterinary services for your pets, in a friendly and caring environment, this is also where our specially trained surgeons perform all laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.  Here at Heathcote, we advocate preventative care to keep your pets healthy and happy. The practice is fully equipped with all the necessary modern facilities to enable thorough investigation of challenging cases should your pet require this: ultrasound, x-ray, diagnostic laboratory and surgical facilities as well as having separate dog and cat wards. Most importantly we have a great team of compassionate vets and nurses with a wealth of experience and friendly, caring support staff who all consistently provide high-quality care.

If your pet needs ongoing intensive care treatment or for emergencies at night or weekends, we can rely on our own 24-hour hospital unit in Warwick where there is nursing care throughout the night. We even have an animal ambulance to safely transfer patients for overnight care if required.

Please contact the surgery on 01926 337790 and we will arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you.

Avonvale Team

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