We treat every pet as an individual and take pride in doing the best we can for every animal. It is always nice to receive a pat on the back ourselves.

Everyone is always so helpful, friendly and kind. I always manage to be offered an appointment really quickly.

Pablo is always treated with love and kindness so although he is a little apprehensive on entering, he always relaxes once the vets or nurses are treating him…thank you!

As a new client, I found it easy to register my dog online. I then received a welcome email from the practice so I knew it had all gone through.

I then made an appointment to suit my availability and received friendly and helpful treatment from the reception and veterinary staff.

While I have only registered my dog at the practice, my experience has been excellent from my initial discussion with reception through the vet appointment and this give me confidence that the level of service will remain at that high standard.

The team at Stratford upon Avon practice are first class. They’re Professional, kind, caring and always put your pets’ health first and foremost Receptionist Rachel is lovely when you call she always does her best to ensure your pet is seen as soon as is possible.

The Vets and Nurses are great with your animal and with the Owners - always cheerful and caring and take their time to diagnose the issue and provide the appropriate treatment plan. We are so lucky to have them all.

Always an excellent service putting your fur babies first and keeping their mums and dads happy too. Yesterday I visited with my fur baby Pluto and they didn’t have enough of NexGard Spectra in stock and was expecting a delivery soon late afternoon.

I had a phone call to say they had been delivered and that a member of staff can deliver it for me just after 7pm and the surprise I got when I opened my door it was my vet herself.

She’s is such a lovely kind hearted young lady, also has a lovely caring way with Pluto! I’m very grateful to Avonvale because not only do they care about your pets but also care about their owners.

2 of our friends are also clients now. The staff are so helpful with booking and so caring with our dog. She loves going!

The plans they offer are great and it's ideal that there are other branches if you need a quicker appointment. I think the vets & nurses are so excellent at offering advice with no judgement. I know of other people whose vets are against a raw diet and so judge them for it, but here, as long as the dog is healthy and happy they will support you and give advice. T

hey were also helpful and even excited to take in a tortoise i once found and took to them!

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