Warwick Vets

  • Simon Davies
    Simon Davies Clinical Director
  • Helen Wing
    Helen Wing Clinical Director
  • Vicki Kelley
    Vicki Kelley Senior Veterinary Surgeon
  • Emily Banks
    Emily Banks Veterinary Surgeon
  • Sidney Chan
    Sidney Chan Veterinary Surgeon
  • Primrose Moss
    Primrose Moss Veterinary Surgeon
  • Ailsa Brownlie
    Ailsa Brownlie Veterinary Surgeon
  • Roxanne Mobasser
    Roxanne Mobasser Night Veterinary Surgeon
  • Steph Hughes
    Steph Hughes Night Veterinary Surgeon
  • Linzi Andrews
    Linzi Andrews Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Becky Whitehouse
    Becky Whitehouse Clinical Nurse Manager (Education)
  • Emma McCullagh
    Emma McCullagh Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Hannah Ive
    Hannah Ive Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Hazel Etherden
    Hazel Etherden Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Sarah Bleach
    Sarah Bleach Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Lilly Crockett
    Lilly Crockett Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Lorna Turner
    Lorna Turner Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Kayleigh Ashfield
    Kayleigh Ashfield Patient Care Assistant
  • Victoria Bradley
    Victoria Bradley Patient Care Assistant
  • Susan Sumners
    Susan Sumners Patient Care Assistant
  • Liz Baldwin-Martin
    Liz Baldwin-Martin Client Care Associate
  • Sallie Ashworth
    Sallie Ashworth Client Care Associate
  • Heather Hunter
    Heather Hunter Client Care Associate
  • Tish Anker-Ryan
    Tish Anker-Ryan Client Care Associate
  • Karen Harvell
    Karen Harvell Client Care Associate
  • Victoria Collingwood
    Victoria Collingwood Night Veterinary Surgeon

Southam Vets

  • Andrea Davies
    Andrea Davies Senior Veterinary Surgeon
  • Penny Graham
    Penny Graham Veterinary Surgeon
  • Penny Clarke
    Penny Clarke Veterinary Surgeon
  • Ella Steele
    Ella Steele Veterinary Surgeon
  • Adele Walter
    Adele Walter Veterinary Surgeon
  • Michelle Dalton
    Michelle Dalton Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Amy French
    Amy French Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Anna Hart
    Anna Hart Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Kim Dalton
    Kim Dalton Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Nicole Gregory
    Nicole Gregory Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Fay Whitehead
    Fay Whitehead Registered Veterinary Nurse

Kenilworth Vets

  • Kieran O'Halloran
    Kieran O'Halloran Clinical Director
  • Hannah Firth
    Hannah Firth Senior Veterinary Surgeon
  • Ailsa Brownlie
    Ailsa Brownlie Veterinary Surgeon
  • Dawn Gilroy
    Dawn Gilroy Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Hannah Crossman
    Hannah Crossman Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Jo Goodfellow
    Jo Goodfellow Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Chloe Thomas
    Chloe Thomas Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Megan Jones
    Megan Jones Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Michelle Stopp
    Michelle Stopp Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Kaycee McCafferty
    Kaycee McCafferty Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Sophie Pendleton
    Sophie Pendleton Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Gary Ryan
    Gary Ryan Patient Care Assistant
  • Naomi Britton
    Naomi Britton Client Care Associate
  • Gail Southam
    Gail Southam Client Care Associate

Wellesbourne Vets

  • Deborah Newman
    Deborah Newman Senior Veterinary Surgeon
  • Natalie Bell
    Natalie Bell Veterinary Surgeon
  • Rachel Abbey
    Rachel Abbey Veterinary Surgeon
  • Megan Gillies
    Megan Gillies Veterinary Surgeon
  • Gillian Light
    Gillian Light Veterinary Surgeon
  • Hannah Dunn
    Hannah Dunn Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Anna Matthews
    Anna Matthews Group Nursing Manager
  • Lottie Prior
    Lottie Prior Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Helen Saul
    Helen Saul Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Rebekah Ward
    Rebekah Ward Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Katherine Hemsley
    Katherine Hemsley Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Holly Ballard
    Holly Ballard Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Rosie Newnham
    Rosie Newnham Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Olivia Stokes
    Olivia Stokes Patient Care Assistant
  • Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne Smith Client Care Associate
  • Lauren Clarke
    Lauren Clarke Client Care Associate

Stratford Vets

  • Gemma Lawton
    Gemma Lawton Clinical Director
  • Sarah Ives
    Sarah Ives Veterinary Surgeon
  • Katie Thexton
    Katie Thexton Veterinary Surgeon
  • Katie Skinner
    Katie Skinner Senior Veterinary Surgeon
  • Victoria Wimble
    Victoria Wimble Veterinary Surgeon
  • Laura Callow
    Laura Callow Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Laura Satchwell
    Laura Satchwell Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Zahra Monteiro
    Zahra Monteiro Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Kim Tyrell
    Kim Tyrell Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Noemi Wood
    Noemi Wood Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Stephanie Willoughby
    Stephanie Willoughby Patient Care Assistant
  • Rachel Tye
    Rachel Tye Client Care Associate

Cubbington Vets

  • Kieran O'Halloran
    Kieran O'Halloran Clinical Director
  • Anita White
    Anita White Veterinary Surgeon
  • Layla Mackie
    Layla Mackie Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Laura Curtis
    Laura Curtis Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Gary Ryan
    Gary Ryan Patient Care Assistant

Heathcote Vets

  • Gemma Lawton
    Gemma Lawton Clinical Director
  • Sophie Nash
    Sophie Nash Senior Veterinary Surgeon
  • Caroline Leavers
    Caroline Leavers Veterinary Surgeon
  • Maisie-Anna Dove
    Maisie-Anna Dove Veterinary Surgeon
  • Elinor Hardcastle
    Elinor Hardcastle Veterinary Surgeon
  • William Brookes
    William Brookes Veterinary Surgeon
  • Amanda Riches
    Amanda Riches Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Jasmin Byrne
    Jasmin Byrne Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Jenna Joshi
    Jenna Joshi Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Catherine Wright
    Catherine Wright Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Laura Castrofilippo
    Laura Castrofilippo Registered Veterinary Nurse
  • Christina Staniforth
    Christina Staniforth Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Amber Warman
    Amber Warman Student Veterinary Nurse
  • Dee Osbourne
    Dee Osbourne Patient Care Assistant
  • Indianna Long
    Indianna Long Patient Care Assistant
  • Sophie Jones
    Sophie Jones Patient Care Assistant
  • Julia Cooper
    Julia Cooper Client Care Associate
  • Gala McBride
    Gala McBride Client Care Associate

Business Support Services

  • Kate Webb
    Kate Webb Group Practice Manager
  • Iain Date
    Iain Date Group People and Operations Manager
  • Kelly Hall
    Kelly Hall Client & Financial Manager
  • Stephanie Crouch
    Stephanie Crouch Office & Financial Coordinator
  • Ruth Low
    Ruth Low Insurance & Finance Administration Assistant
  • Tish Anker-Ryan
    Tish Anker-Ryan Insurance & Finance Administration Assistant

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Opening Times

  • Warwick Vets:6 Broxell Cl, CV34 5QF Mon - Fri:
    8.30am to 6.30pm

    8.30am to 5pm
    T: 01926 400255
  • Southam Vets:4 The Cobalt Centre, CV47 0FD Mon - Fri:
    8.30am to 6.30pm

    8.30am to 12.30pm
    T: 01926 812826
  • Kenilworth Vets:43 Birches Lane, CV8 2AB Mon - Fri:
    8.30am to 6.30pm

    8.30am to 12:30pm
    T: 01926 854181
  • Wellesbourne Vets:29 Warwick Road, CV35 9NA Mon - Fri:
    8.30am to 6.30pm

    T: 01789 841072
  • Stratford Vets:5 The Rosebird Centre, CV37 8LU Mon - Fri:
    8.30am to 6.30pm

    8.30am to 1pm
    T: 01789 561010
  • Cubbington Vets:41 Rugby Rd, CV32 7HZ Mon - Wed:
    8.30am to 6.30pm

    Thur - Fri:
    8.30am to 5.00pm
    T: 01926 421465
  • Heathcote Vets:123 - 125 Heathcote Road, CV31 2LX Mon - Fri:
    8.30am to 6.30pm

    8.30am to 12.30pm
    T: 01926 337790