Scratching posts are useful items for many cats. They provide a dedicated place for your cat to scratch and ensure that your walls and soft furnishings avoid unnecessary damage.

Why do cats scratch?

Cats need to scratch for three main reasons:

  1. To remove the outer layers from their claws (a DIY cat manicure!)
  2. To leave their signature scent around the house marking all that is yours as theirs!
  3. To stretch their back muscles and flex their paws.

Cats with outdoor access may prefer to scratch on fences, trees, and fallen logs. But for indoor cats, a scratching post is a must-have.

Which post?

There are many different types of scratching posts available suitable for all budgets. Bear in mind that some cats prefer a horizontal scratching surface to vertical; spy on your cat to learn their preference!

  • Check the post is rigid and stable. We recommend fixing taller posts to the wall with a bracket for extra safety
  • Make sure the post is big enough for your cat and allows enough space for their daily gymnastic routine.
  • Many cat scratching posts are covered in carpet. Choose a post with a very different surface to your home’s fabrics. This avoids confusion and helps your cat understand that other surfaces (like your expensive sofa) are a claw-free zone.
  • The number of scratching posts you may need depends on the number of cats you have. Some cats aren’t keen to share so, to maintain feline harmony, you may need multiple posts.

Where to place your post:

Consider placing the post near your cat’s bed so they can scratch first thing in the morning. Some cats enjoy looking out of the window whereas others enjoy cosying up to a radiator.

If your cat loves to hang out with you, a post near your home-work-space, or in your main living area, might work well.

Getting your cat used to the post:

When you first introduce the post to your cat, they may be suspicious and avoid it. You can encourage them to engage with the post by playing games nearby or hiding treats on the different levels.

We hope that your cat enjoys its new safe space.

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