A visit to the vet can be stressful for cats, and therefore stressful for you too!

A sturdy cat carrier is the safest way to transport your cat from home to the vet practice. Make sure it has strong handles and fastens securely. Try to make the carrier as cat-friendly as possible; use treats, toys, and a pheromone spray to calm and help your cat feel at ease. (Pheromone sprays mimic the scent that cats produce from glands on their face. Cats rub their face on objects to leave a scent which they later recognise as familiar and reassuring.) Encourage them to get in and out of the basket by themselves in the lead up to the appointment. That way it will be less daunting for them when you close the door for the journey.

Try to keep calm when you’re getting ready to visit us; your cat will pick up on your anxiety. Avonvale is on the International Society of Feline Medicine’s list of cat-friendly practices. Our staff have undergone extra training to help make your cat’s visit to us is as relaxed as possible. We have dedicated cat waiting areas for you and your cat which are quieter and away from dogs.

At present the practice has additional measures in place due to Covid-19. Follow directions for the safety of you, your pet, and the practice staff. Be sure to wear a face covering and use hand sanitiser. When using hand sanitiser, please ensure it’s dry before touching your feline friend as they may not like the smell of it.

Your vet will ask you questions about your cat’s health and ask you the reason for your visit before examining your cat thoroughly. If your cat needs further treatments or investigations, your vet will discuss the plan with you. It’s important to get your cat checked out at least annually, even if they seem in good health. This will enable us to pick up on subtle changes which might not be noticeable at home (such as weight loss) and allows us to treat your pet sooner.

If you have any questions, please ask us. We’re happy to explain any details about your pet’s diagnosis or treatment.

If your cat is showing signs of stress after their appointment, give them plenty of fuss and cuddles when you get home – if they want to, of course! We all know that cats can be strong minded and independent, so don’t force them to interact with you.

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