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Most dogs look forward to getting out of the house for their daily walk and now, more than ever, this is an important part of our routines. To make sure you (and your pet!) get the most out of ‘walkies’ we have put together some handy tips:

  1. Using the lead

The Government’s advice is to stay 2m apart which is tricky if your dog insists on meeting and greeting everyone you see on your walk! It’s a good idea to keep your dog on a lead when other people are nearby. If your dog finds it difficult to walk on a lead, try holding treats in your hand to give your dog something else to focus on. Some dogs enjoy carrying their favourite toy in their mouth while out walking; hopefully this isn’t a life-sized cuddly bear!

  1. Keeping the walk fun

To keep walks interesting for your dog, you could play fun training games using a long lead and their favourite treat or toy. Basic recall is an important skill for your dog to learn as it helps you control your dog when you meet other people and need to observe social distancing rules.

  1. Maximise opportunities for a walk

Government restrictions currently allow you to leave the house for one form of exercise a day. If your dog is usually walked more than once, and there are other adults in your household, you can share out the walks and fresh air!

  1. Going off the beaten track

It’s tempting to explore different walks and find quieter routes with fewer people and dogs. If you cross farmland, it’s important to observe the countryside code; stick to footpaths, close gates behind you and keep your dog away from livestock. Help protect farmers from coronavirus by using hand gel, or wearing gloves, when you open and close gates.

Be mindful that it’s tick season; if your walks take you near undergrowth or through wooded areas, make sure you check your dog and remove any ticks you find. There are special tools available to help you do this safely. We can provide you with products that repel ticks so please contact us if you’d like further advice.

But what if you’re walking someone else’s dog while they’re in isolation? There are also some other points to consider:

  • Agree beforehand with the dog’s owner when you’ll collect their dog and how long the walk will last to avoid any confusion.
  • Work out how to collect and return their dog so you can both still obey social distancing guidelines.
  • Where possible use a different lead; wash it in soap and water after you’ve used it.
  • Wash your hands before leaving home and again when you return.

More information on the above can be found on both the RSPCA and Dogs Trust websites.

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