avonvets in cyprusVeterinary surgeon Sarah Ives at the Paphiako

A Warwickshire veterinary surgeon has spoken of her experience working to tackle the “massive problem” with stray animals on the popular holiday island of Cyprus.

Sarah Ives spent a week at the Paphiakos and CCP Animal Welfare shelter, near Paphos, where she neutered up to five cats and dogs a day, as well as carrying out medicine work and operations.

The dedicated vet, 25, who joined Avonvale Veterinary Centres’ Heathcote practice six weeks ago, carried out the volunteering in her own time.

Sarah visited the sanctuary on the Mediterranean island with friend and fellow vet Natasha Jameson, who works for Vets4Pets in Oxfordshire.

kitten in care of avonvets in cyprusCCP Animal Welfare shelter in Cyprus

She said: “Sadly, there is a massive problem with stray cats and dogs in Cyprus. They are treated more as pests, particularly cats.

“Dogs are often bred for hunting season and when that’s over they are just abandoned. It is very sad.”

The need for good-quality animal care on the island was highlighted by the variety of work which Sarah was asked to carry out.

This also included medicating animals and even removing an eye from another animal.

dog in avonvets care in cyprusCCP Animal Welfare shelter in Cyprus

Speaking about her work at the sanctuary, Sarah added: “It’s the second time I’ve visited – the last trip was just after I finished university, two years ago.

“It is a trap, neuter and release scheme which is aimed at helping with the problem of stray cats in the area.

They take in all sorts of animals though, so I ended up neutering some dogs too!

“There were four of us there – Natasha, myself and two final year students from the Royal Veterinary College.

Between us, we were neutering around 25 animals a day.”

Both Sarah and Natasha adopted a dog from Paphiakos and CCP Animal Welfare when they first visited two years ago.

For more information on the centre, visit www.cyprusanimalwelfare.com.


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