Just a quick reminder about how to let your dog enjoy water safely this summer...

  • Dogs can become very unwell if they drink too much water; it may cause a condition called Water Intoxication. Swallowing small amounts of water over a long period of time (e.g. when playing ball) can put dogs at risk. Symptoms include: vomiting, bloating, tiredness, loss of coordination, pale gums.
  • Drowning- Many dogs are great swimmers but even the strongest paddlers can be caught out by tides and currents. Discarded waste and other underwater obstacles may also pose a threat. Contact a vet immediately if your dog is unwell after swimming or has inhaled water.
  • Human safety- There have been instances of owners drowning when trying to save their pet. Don’t take the risk.
  • Take plenty of fresh drinking water to the beach- saltwater can make dogs vomit.
  • Wash your dog’s coat and paws after playing on the beach. This removes salt and also prevents sand and saltwater drying and irritating the skin.
  • Avoid freshwater lakes, canals, ponds and rivers that are contaminated with blue-green algae; this can make dogs very ill. Check that the water looks clean before allowing your dog to jump in. If your dog has been swimming in contaminated water and develops

    Blue-green algae can cause a serious, fatal bacterial infection in animals. It can appear as foam at the edges of non-flowing water.

Make sure your dog can enjoy the water safely.


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