Maggie the Guinea Pig had two cysts removed from her ovaries

Maggie is a 5 year old guinea pig who was brought into our Stratford surgery, to see vet Katie, as she had been a bit quiet and not eating as much as normal. She has also developed a bald patch on her back where she has been chewing out her fur.

Katie examined her and found that she has a large mass in her stomach. This was likely to be either a cyst on her ovary or a tumour. As Guinea pigs are prey species they often hide signs of illness or pain and so it can be difficult to tell when something is up. We decided to operate to find out which it was. Luckily for Maggie is was a cyst, one huge one on her left ovary and a smaller one on her right ovary. We removed both and woke her up from anaesthetic.

Maggie went home and she quickly returned to her normal self. She is now eating normally and back to enjoying life.



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