catbone2Jimmy's owners brought him to our Warwick hospital as an acute emergency last night. On arrival he was barely able to breath and in a desperate state having got hold of a chicken bone.

Mark and Amy were prepared and waiting. They promptly anaesthetised him and removed a large piece of gristle from his throat.

catbone1As you can see, this morning his ravenous appetite seems to have returned. At least it's a more appropriate food - some nice fresh boiled fish.

At Avonvale we are always on call 24 hours- just dial 01926 400255 or your usual Avonvale surgery number. Your call will be answered by our Out of Hours telephone operator who will take brief details and arrange for our Avonvale duty vet to call you back.

Even in severe emergency situations such as this, calling ahead helps us be prepared and give your pet the emergency treatment they need as soon as possible.

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