Blossom's owners brought her in to our Kenilworth surgery recently after seeing her swallow a drawing pin.


Vet Kieran was concerned that the pin could damage Blossom's intestine and could cause complications so he needed to remove the pin as soon as possible.



Kieran gave Blossom an injection to make her sick and hopefully bring the pin up.


Unfortunately Blossom only brought up part of the plastic end of the drawing pin, and an X-ray showed the rest of the pin still sitting in her stomach (arrowed).




Blossom had surgery the same day to remove the pin and ensure that it didn't result in serious complications.


After a short stay in our Warwick hospital to ensure she was eating and not in any pain, Blossom went home and is back to her normal self. She is doing really well, but her owners say they're keeping all pins out of reach!

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