Molly was brought in to see vet Bex at our Kenilworth surgery. Her owner's had noticed a lump on one of her toes which had come up quite suddenly. Bex examined Molly and found that, other than the lump, she was in good health.

Molly was booked in for an operation the next day, when vet Deborah removed the lump. In order to make sure all of the lump was taken away this involved amputating one of her toes. The lump was sent to the laboratory to find out what it was. Molly has a bandage put on her foot to protect it and this was changed after 2 days.

Her foot healed up well and when you see her run you would never know she was missing a toe. The results from the laboratory showed that it was a benign tumour (once that normally doesn't spread anywhere else) and had been fully removed so it won't re-grow.

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