We would like to welcome Callie to the Avonvale pet family. She is 10 weeks old and belongs to Wellesbourne vet Becky. She has had her vaccinations now and is settling in well.

She is currently in what we call the 'socialisation period'. This means that everything she is exposed to she is much more likely to accept rather than be scared of. It is really important to make the most of this time in new puppies and expose them to as many different things as possible. This includes lots of different people but also things like hoovers and balloons. They aren't protected by their vaccinations until 2 weeks after the second vaccination  but if they are small you can always carry them on a trip up and down the road to get used to the noises of cars and traffic.

For any questions about training a well balanced puppy or any health advise please call your nearest surgery. We are always happy to help.

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