Daisy celebrated her first birthday at the end of the summer. She is an English Bulldog and since she was little has always snorted and snored. This got worse when she tried to run so she couldn't play with the other puppies her own age.

Once she was fully grown she came in to us to be assessed. These breathing problems are common in her breed. Their noses are too short to fit everything in and so it makes it difficult for them to breath. We could hear her as soon as she arrived in the waiting room.

Vets Katie and Steven operated on her to help her breathe better. To allow them to operate on the tissue at the back of her throat they had to put a tube into her windpipe through her neck for her to breathe through. This was taken out once she had recovered from the anaesthetic. She was kept in at our hospital in Warwick overnight to monitor her breathing.

The next morning you could already hear the difference! She went home and was checked again after 2 days and her stitches were taken out after 10 days. She can now run around like a normal dog and enjoy life properly.

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