Buzz is a 12 week old Border Collie puppy with lots of energy who loves racing around with his sister Tink.

Unfortunately, while his owners Jimmy and Eva were bouncing on the trampoline in their garden the two puppies chased each other underneath and Buzz caught his leg on the supports. His left foreleg was broken in 3 places.

Vet Mark Taylor at Southam x-rayed the leg and found that the ulna and radius were both fractured and there was also a triangular 'butterfly' fragment of displaced bone.
The orthopaedic operation was more delicate than usual as Buzz's bones are still growing and so are smaller and softer than in an adult dog. Mark repaired his leg with a compression plate and screws of a size more often used for a large cat. With rest and careful exercise Buzz is likely to make a complete recovery.

As you can see from today's photo above Buzz is recovering well from his operation. Jimmy and Eva are ensuring that he rests well to let his leg heal properly which is a difficult task because like most puppies all he wants to do is play.

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