Avonvale pets are assured of the most up to date diagnostic blood tests with the recent upgrading of our blood testing equipment. This offers a wider range of tests and faster results in-house.

Blood tests are a vital tool to accurately diagnose illness in our pets. Blood samples can be specifically profiled to examine the function of the liver and kidneys and assess glucose levels which can indicate illness at its earliest stages. Blood tests are often run in preparation for a general anaesthetic to ensure precise medication and monitoring and to allow us to make the aneasthetic as safe as possible for your pet.

The specific slides used for the test can be expensive. We know that this level of diagnostic testing is not available to all animals and have donated our left over slides from the previous analyser to the PDSA in Coventry to help other pets.

The Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals is a national charity who provide veterinary care for pets where owners are in difficult financial circumstances. The test slides donated free of charge will allow the PDSA to run 148 blood tests for sick pets in situations where otherwise owners would not have been able to access them due to the cost.

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