Little Jolly was only two and a half months old when we noticed a problem. He seemed to be urinating a lot more than normal and his appetite wasn't great.

A test on his urine showed that he had far too much protein in it. We decided to do an ultrasound scan to see what the problem was. Simon scanned him and found that his bladder looked normal but both of his kidneys had some abnormalities. It looked like Jolly had a urine infection that had travelled up to affect his kidneys. He was started on a five week course of antibiotics.

The treatment seemed to make him feel better but after they had finished he went downhill again. We rechecked his urine and the results were the same again. He was started on a different antibiotic and picked up really quickly. After a week his urine test was back to normal and his appetite was back too.

He stayed on the new antibiotics for two weeks and then was able to stop them. He is now back to being a bright and bubbly puppy again.

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