This little black kitten was found locked in an apparently abandoned cat box in Warwick last Thursday.

The box was brought into our Warwick surgery and we found it contained 4 tiny kittens. It seemed that they may have been in the box for some time. They appeared barely alive, were soaking wet and filthy dirty.

Vets Simon and Emily found that they were not able to save three of the kittens but one had a chance of survival. He was given immediate intravenous fluids and intensive care nursing to gradually stabilise his condition. 24 hours later this little fighter was playing with a toy mouse in his recovery kennel.

It is very unusual for our vets and nurses to see such deliberate animal cruelty and this distressing case has been reported to the RSPCA.

Happily for this little kitten, Simon has named him after the boxer, Frank Bruno and has decided to give him home.

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