Gertie was rushed into our Kenilworth surgery one evening after she had been hit by a car. She had a large wound on her left front leg and the toes on her right front leg had been badly damaged. She was admitted and treated for shock by starting her on a drip and giving her some pain relief.

After a night at our Warwick hospital she came back to Kenilworth and Kieran was able to operate on her legs. The left one was stitched up but unfortunately due to the amount of damage on the right leg Kieran had to amputate one of her toes.

Her foot was bandaged to help protect the injured area and this was changed every few days for 2 weeks, after which we were able to leave it open to the air. She has now had the last of her stitches out and is getting back to her normal self. She was such a brave dog throughout all of her treatment, despite being in a lot of pain.


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