Freddie came in to see us when he was only 8 months old as he kept going lame on his left front leg. Vet Penny found that his shoulder was very sore. He was booked in for an anaesthestic and x-rays to find out what was going on.

Whilst he was asleep we were able to examine his shoulder more thoroughly without causing him pain. We found that his shoulder was dislocated. The x-rays confirmed this and also showed that the shoulder joint wasn't formed properly. We also saw that his hips also hadn't formed properly either. Both of these problems had caused muscle wasting on his legs and were causing him pain.

His shoulder was the worst affected and so Mark and Kieran decided to operate on it. They fused the shoulder joint so that it is no longer able to move but should stop causing him pain. He stayed in for a few days at our hospital in Warwick to allow us to keep him on strong pain relief. He was rested at home and then was started on hydrotherapy. This allowed us to help build up the muscles that had been lost while he had been limping.

His shoulder is no longer painful and he is walking well. We are monitoring his progress to see whether or not he will need further operations on his hips. For now he is back to acting like a puppy should.

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