Ruby came in as she had developed a lump on the side of her chest. We used a small needle to try to suck out some cells to see what it was. Under the microscope there were several different types of cell so we still couldn't be sure of what it was.

She was booked in to have a general anaesthetic to remove the lump and to send it to the lab for analysis. Unfortunately during the surgery we discovered that the lump was bigger than we were able to feel. It had hooked round behind one of her ribs. We took a sample of the lump and sent it to the lab. The results came back as a low grade tumour. Because it was low grade if we could be sure to remove it all we hopefully would be able to cure the cancer.

The position of the lump meant that we had to remove two of her ribs to make sure that we got it all. She had a chest drain placed and was kept in overnight to keep her pain relief topped up and to monitor the drain. By the next morning we were able to remove the chest drain and she went back home. She has made a brilliant recovery and is now running round as if nothing had happened.

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