The Avonvale team were delighted to receive photos and a video clip of German Shepherd dog Ronnie bouncing happily around his garden today. It may not seem very out of ordinary for most dogs but for six year old Ronnie, the last six months have been very tough.

Back in July he was involved in a road accident and suffered serious injuries. He was rushed into our Warwick Hospital on a Sunday for emergency treatment with duty vet Kieran. Ronnie's left hind leg was especially badly damaged and, when he was well enough, vet Mark performed extensive orthopaedic surgery involving bone grafts. It was touch and go whether Ronnie's back foot would be viable and Ronnie's owners had to face the prospect that to save him he may need to have his leg amputated.

Fortunately after a spell of intensive care nursing in hospital and excellent care at home where he had to be confined to a cage to rest his leg Ronnie has made a full recovery. His owner, Jo says "it has felt a long and time consuming journey but I would say Ronnie is 'back to normal' bearing in mind Ronnie's normal is slightly different to most dogs!!! He continues to get stronger each day, and his coordination is pretty good"

Apparently heĀ  destroyed 8 duvets and 10 pillows during his recovery but as you can see in the photo he enjoyed some special TLC too!

Ronnie is a lovely dog and our vets and nurses were constantly impressed by his gentle nature even when he was very sore and frustrated and we're delighted he is on his way to a full recovery.



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