Stanley had developed an ulcer on the big pad of his right hind foot and so was brought in to see us. It was infected and so he was treated with some antibiotics.

Once the infection had gone, the ulceration hadn't healed and instead was getting bigger. It was also noticed that the pads on his other feet were softer than normal. He came in for an anaesthetic to allow us to biopsy the area. A bandage was placed on his foot to protect the sore area.

The results came back as a condition called pododermatitis. This is where the body starts to attack itself, especially around the feet. Stanley initially responded well to treatment with steroids but unfortunately the lump started to grow again after a couple of weeks. We had to operate on his foot to remove the excess tissue. It healed up well and we have been able to gradually take him off steroids and we are happy to report he is doing well.

This is a condition that cat affect him later on in life so we will now be keeping a close eye him to catch it early if it happens again.


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