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Avonvale Hydrotherapy Centre is based at our Wellesbourne Surgery and available to all our clients.

Our hydrotherapy unit is part of our all-round package of care for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and well–being. The warm water used in our Hydro-Physio aquatic treadmill relaxes recuperating muscles and promotes blood circulation while encouraging exercise in a supported and controlled environment. Dogs and even cats gain the confidence to strengthen muscles and mobilise joints without experiencing discomfort, resulting in a faster more successful recovery.

Our Hydrotherapy service can be of great benefit to pets who:

  • Have undergone recent surgery
  • Have post-operative physiotherapy requirements
  • Have joint disease or neurological disorders
  • Need to get fit or lose weight
  • Just like water!

hydrotherapy2 sept16Hydrotherapy allows maximum muscle contraction with minimum weight bearing on joints and bones and so therapeutic exercise post-surgery can be introduced much quicker than if land-based only.

Water buoyancy helps stabilise the body in a vertical position and encourages a normal walking pattern to strengthen muscles in an appropriate functional manner. The temperature and level of the water can be controlled for each individual which allows thermal benefits – warm water assists with pain relief, whilst cooler water reduces inflammation.

We offer a progressive rehabilitation programme, tailored to each individual's requirements with the aim of reducing recovery times and improving your dog’s wellbeing.  The initial session includes an introduction and performance assessment.  

Hydrotherapy exercise programmes and session reports are forwarded to your vet to review progress.

For most conditions, we recommend a course of 10 twice weekly Rehab Hydro treatments, although some cases may just be once a week. A free check-up with your Avonvale vet will be arranged to review progress after 10 sessions and ongoing sessions recommended at a frequency to maintain the improvements.

hydrotherapy3 sept16Our hydrotherapy sessions are supervised by a qualified veterinary nurse trained in physiotherapy and hydrotherapy rehabilitation exercise. Initially, your dog will do short bursts of exercise in the hydro-physio treadmill to allow him or her to get used to the exercise and have adequate rest periods. Progressively longer exercise periods will be introduced during the sessions as your dog becomes fitter. There is time within the session for drying off your dog.


First Appointment and Assessment £65.16inc VAT
Single Rehab Hydro Session £53.70 inc VAT
10 Rehab Sessions Course(10% discount) £483.28 inc VAT
Followed by Single Maintenance Hydro Session £48.34 inc VAT
10 Maintenance Session Course(10% discount) £434.95 inc VAT
Check your pet insurance policy, you may be able to claim for the cost of hydrotherapy prescribed as part of a treatment plan by your vet.

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