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  • Nurse Clinics
  • Nurse Clinics
  • Nurse Clinics

Appointments are available daily with our team of experienced and qualified nurses at all our surgeries.

Nutrition and Weight Advice

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We know that obesity can lead to many health conditions that may affect our pet's quality of life, however, it is difficult to know  how to help our pets.  At our weight management clinics, our nurses will weigh and measure your pet, explain a programme of balanced nutrition and offer sensible tips and advice to help your pet. We offer a comprehensive and effective weight loss programme for those pets whose weight has become a danger to their health.

For our weight management clinics full details, click here.


Preventative Dental Care

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Poor dental hygiene and care can result in mouth infections and loss of teeth.

It can also lead to further complications such as heart disease. Our nurses demonstrate how to examine and clean your pet's teeth and offer helpful tips for those pets who will not tolerate such close handling.



Microchip Identification Service

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We strongly recommend a microchip implant for your pet to ensure that he or she may be identified easily should they go missing. It is now a legal requirement for all dogs.

Microchips are easily implanted with a quick injection into the scruff of the neck at a routine appointment and are checked to ensure they can be read by a scanner.

Should a stray animal be brought into the surgery our nurses will happily scan them for an identification microchip and assist you in finding the owner through the national Pet Log database.


Post Operative & Dressings Care

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Our nurses are experienced in wound management and will be able to help you look after your pet at home following surgery.

They will inspect the surgical site regularly, dress wounds and be on hand for advice and support should you need it.


Senior Health Care

senior care sept16As part of our individual health and care plans for older pets, you may be introduced to one of our nurses to help you monitor your pet’s health.

Especially if your pet has a long-term condition such as diabetes, arthritis or kidney disease.

Your nurse will keep a close eye on your pet’s progress and be on hand for advice and support.



Puppy and Kitten Care

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Our nurses are experienced in all aspects of pet care and behaviour.

They are always delighted to meet your new pets and are happy to help with any health concerns or habits you are experiencing.

As part of our Puppy and Kitten Programmes, you will be introduced to your own puppy or kitten care Nurse who will follow and advise your pets individual progress.

Worm and Flea Control

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If you are not sure how to check your pet's coat or what to look for our nurses will show you what to do and explain how and where parasites are likely to be found.

They will offer advice on the most effective and appropriate preventative treatments for your pet’s age, habits, and lifestyle.

They are happy to administer treatments if you find it difficult at home.

A small charge is made for the administration of parasite control products.


Nail and Claw Care

nail claw care sept156Keeping nails and claws healthy is important to prevent injury or infection to your pet's paws however it is not the easiest task to achieve at home.

Our nurses are very experienced and have a range of clippers on hand.

You are welcome to book your pet in for a 'manicure' with the nurses at any of our surgeries.




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